Charis J. Gantes

Supervision of doctoral theses

ิhe completed doctoral theses supervised by C. Gantes as well as those that are in progress are listed below. For each completed thesis, a pdf file is available with the full text, as well as a link to the Greek Depository of doctoral theses.

In progress

C. Gantes is currently supervising 8 doctoral theses that are in progress in the School of Civil Engineering at N.T.U.A.:

  • Giorgos Pantazis (since May 2023), "Design of 3D Printed Joints for Deployable Structures".
  • Iason Rossetos (since October 2022), "Design of Orthopedic Devices by Means of Nonlinear Finite Element Analyses and Experimental Testing".
  • Vasilis Panagiotopoulos (since October 2022), "Optimization of 3D Printed Steel Structural Components by Means of Experimental Testing and Nonlinear Analyses".
  • Katerina Ntaifoti (since May 2020), "Structural Condition Assessment of Old Steel Structures".
  • Vasilis Papavasileiou (since May 2018), "Evaluation of the Structural Vulnerability of Existing Prefabricated Steel Bridges".
  • Aggelos Karvelis (since December 2015), "Wind-Structure Interaction with Emphasis on Steel Structures".
  • Stelios Vernardos(since May 2014), "Design of Wind Turbine Towers with Sandwich Type Sections".
  • Konstantina Koulatsou (since June 2012), "Fatigue Analysis of Wind Turbine Tower Connections".


In addition, he has supervised 10 completed doctoral theses in the School of Civil Engineering at N.T.U.A.:


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