NTUA George Bouckovalas, Professor of Geotechnics and Earthquake Engineering
School of Civil Engineering



"Seismic-Coefficient" (updated version 2013, estimates the seismic coefficients for performance-based design of earth dams and tall embankemnts)
The methodology used in the software is explained analytically in the following papers:
Performance-based Seismic Design of Tall Earth Dams (pdf)
Methodology for Estimating Seismic Coefficients for Performance-Based Design of Earth dams and Tall Embankments (pdf)


"PipeFC" (Safety Verification of Buried Steel Pipelines at Fault Crossings)


"Anti-shake" v2.0 (Estimates the seismic response at the ground surface
for a given seismic excitation applied at the outcropping bedrock)


"PipeSSF" v1.0 (Stress Analysis of Buried Steel Pipelines Crossing Active Strike-Slip Faults)