NTUA George Bouckovalas, Professor of Geotechnics and Earthquake Engineering
School of Civil Engineering

Selected Presentations

  • [2014] Σεισμοί Κεφαλονιάς 26/1 & 3/2/14, Ρευστοποίηση & Βλάβες στο Λιμάνι του Ληξουρίου.
    Παρουσίαση για τους σεισμούς της Κεφαλονιάς (Ημερίδα ΕΤΑΜ, 10-04-2014) (.ppsx format, 28.3ΜΒ)
  • [2014] Παρουσίαση για τους σεισμούς της Κεφαλονιάς (ΤΕΕ, 17-02-2014) (.pdf format)
  • [2014] Kefalonia Earthquakes: Preliminary Geotechnical Reconnaissance (.ppsx format / English version, .ppsx format / Greek version)

  • [2013] Methodology for Estimating Seismic Coefficients for Performance-Based Design of Earth dams and Tall Embankments (.ppsx format)
  • [2013] Single Pile in Laterally Spreading Ground: Numerical against Centrifuge Simulation (.pps format)
  • [2012] Numerical Analysis of Kinematic Interaction Performance of Piles in Laterally Spreading Ground (.pps format)
  • [2011] Eurocode EC-8: Liquefaction Assessment and Mitigation Methods (in Greek) (.pps format)
  • [2010] Shallow Foundation Of Bridge Pier on Liquefiable Soil with Partial Ground Improvement (in Greek) (.pps format)
  • [2010] Eurocode EC-8, Part 1: Seismic Actions (in Greek)(.pps format)
  • [2010] Contemporary Methods for the Design and Construction of Drains for Liquefaction Mitigation (in Greek) (.pps format)
  • [2009] Geotechnical Issues on the Seismic Protection of Monuments (.pps format)
  • [2009] Gravel Drains for the Remediation of Liquefiable Sites: the Seed & Booker (1977) approach revisited (.pps format)
  • [2008] On the Numerical Modelling of Liquefaction... (.pps format)
  • [2007] EAK2002, EC-8 & Seismic Micronation of the City of Rethymno (in Greek) (.pps format)
  • [2007] Liquefaction Performance of Shallow Foundations in Presence of a Soil Crust (.pps format)
  • [2006] Seismic Liquefaction: New Evidence and Design Perspectives (n Greek)(.pps format)
  • [2001] Review of Soil and Topography Effects in the September 7, 1999 Athens (Greece) Earthquake (.pps format)