NTUA George Bouckovalas, Professor of Geotechnics and Earthquake Engineering
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Doctoral Dissertations


Achilleas Papadimitriou (July 1999)
"Elastoplastic Modeling of Monotonic and Dynamic Behavior of Soils" (extended abstract in .pdf format)

Dimitrios Egglezos (2002)
"Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Cyclic Response of Soil Specimen"

George Kouretzis (July 2005)
"3-D Analytical Simulation of Ground Shock Wave Action on Cylindrical Underground Structures" (extended abstract in .pdf format)

Konstantinos Andrianopoulos (July 2006)
"Numerical Modeling of Static and Dynamic Behavior of Elastoplastic Soils" (summary in .pdf format)

Alexandros Valsamis (July 2008)
"Numerical Investigation of Liquefaction Induced Lateral Spreading Effects on Piles"
Abstract: Earthquake-induced soil liquefaction and "lateral spreading" of the liquefied soil has become a common cause of extended damage to infrastructure during recent earthquakes. "Lateral spreading" refers to the development of large horizontal ground displacements due to earthquake induced liquefaction, in the case of even small, ground surface inclination or step-like topography irregularities (e.g. river and lake banks). The detailed study of this phenomenon faces a number of objective difficulties, mostly related to its large horizontal (plan) extent which prohibits the use of local, site-specific measurements and observations for the development of accurate prediction models and relations. This PHD thesis aims to extensively study the phenomenon with the help of a sophisticated numerical code, based on Critical State Theory, which has been extensively evaluated against centrifuge tests. In addition, it aims to provide better and simpler tools for the prediction of both soil displacements due to lateral spreading and their effect on deep foundations (piles, caissons).

Dimitrios Karamitros (March 2010)
"Development of a Numerical Algorithm for The Dynamic Elastoplastic Analysis of Geotechnical Structures in Two and Three Dimensions" (extended abstract in .pdf format)

Yannis Chaloulos (July 2012)
"Numerical Investigation of Pile Response under Liquefaction and Ground Lateral Spreading"


Vasiliki Dimitriadi
"Seismic Design of Shallow Foundations in Liquefiable Soils using Performance Based Criteria and Controled Ground Improvement"

Giannis Tsiapas
"Seismic Response Analysis on Liquifiable Ground"