NTUA George Bouckovalas, Professor of Geotechnics and Earthquake Engineering
School of Civil Engineering



George D. Bouckovalas

Professor, N.T.U.A.
Specialization in
Geotechnics, Soil Dynamics
& Earthquake Engineering.


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Date and place of birth: 1955, Lamia, Greece

Nationality: Greek


1978 Diploma in Civil Engineering, National Technical University (N.T.U.A.), Athens, Greece
1981 M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, Mass. Inst. of Technology (M.I.T.), Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.
1982 Sc.D. in Civil Engineering, Mass. Inst. of Technology (M.I.T.), Cambridge, MA, U.S.A.


1981-1983 Tutoring for graduate and undergraduate courses in Geotechnical Engineering at M.I.T.
1986-1987 Teaching at the Southeastern preparative College, Athens.
1987-today (a) Undergraduate teaching at N.T.U.A. (Soil Mechanics, Soil Dynamics, Special Topics in Geotechnical Engineering, Computational Methods in Geotechnics)
(b) Graduate teaching at N.T.U.A. (Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering for the graduate programmes "Structural Design and Analysis of Structures" and "Design and Construction of Underground Works").
(c) Supervision of more than seventy (70) undergraduate and graduate Diploma Theses.
(d) Supervision of eleven (11) Ph.D. Dissertations at N.T.U.A., eight (8) completed and three (3) in progress. Member of the supervision committee of many more Ph.D dissertations


1978-1982 M.Sc. and Sc.D. dissertations at M.I.T. (Research Assistant during the period 1978-1981)
1984-1985 Research Fellow at the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (N.G.I.)
1985-1987 Soils' Research Center of the Hellenic Ministry of Public Works (K.E.D.E.)
1987-today Geotechnical Division, Department of Civil Engineering, N.T.U.A.

Project Coordinator or Principal Investigator, in 36 research projects


  In Journals
(53 international & 9 Greek)
  Invited Papers & Book Chaps
(17 international & 4 Greek)
  In Conference Proceedings
(76 international & 47 Greek)

[Citations: Google Scholar: 1845, h-index 22 / Scopus (79 papers):955, h-index=16]

Professional Carreer:

1978-1982 Part-time geotechnical consulting during graduate studies at M.I.T.
1982-1984 Supervision of road and airports construction during Military Service
1984-1985 Part-time consulting on storm-and earthquake-induced loading of offshore platforms, on behalf of N.G.I.
1985-1987 Evaluation of geotechnical investigations on behalf of the Hellenic Ministry of Public Works (K.E.D.E.)
1987-today Consulting on Geotechnics and Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering for Greek and Foreign Engineering Firms

Engineering Projects:

  • Geotechnical Explorations : 23
  • Geophysical Measurement of Dynamic Soil Properties: 8
    [for the Natural Gas Pipeline, the New Museum of Acropolis, the Athens Metro, the Athens Olympic Village, etc.]
  • Seismic Design of Dams and Embankments: 8
    [2 dams for the Greek Public Power Company (checker), the New Patras' Port breakwater, the offshore part of the New Runway of Heraclion airport, the railway embankment at Sperchios river, New Port of Patras-3rd section, Chontal dam at Equador etc.]
  • Seismic Design of Offshore Oil Platforms and Bridges: 8
    [3 offshore platforms in the North Sea, participation in the preliminary study of the Rion-Antirrion bridge, foundation of the new Strimonas Bridge of Egnatia Odos-evaluation of liquefaction effects (checker), pile foundation of Egnatia Odos bridge in Kleidi (checker), 5 bridges along Gouria - Astakos hwy, etc.]
  • Seismic Design of Foundations and Retaining Structures: 8
    [residential compound at Xilocastro- evaluation of liquefaction effects, preliminary and final study of Zakinthos' Marina, pile foundation design of Egnatia Odos bridge in Kleidi, foundation of the Flexi-cocker tower of EL.PE., pile foundation of Sulphur Forming Package Shiploader of EL.PE., retrofit of Electric Power Plant in Syros Island, etc. ]
  • Seismic Design of Natural Gas and Oil Pipeline: 45
    [main Natural Gas Pipeline of Greece, its branches as well as the majority of medium pressure networks, Thes-niki to Skopje oil pipeline Megara-Corinth gas pipeline, Stamata-Aliveri gas pipeline, Greek-Italy gas pipeline, Greece-Bulgaria gas pipeline, Corinth-Megalopolis gas pipeline, Greek sector of TAP, etc.]
  • Seismic Microzonation Studies of Urban Areas: 12
    [Kalamata, Pirgos, Heraclion and Rethimno of Crete (a & b phases), Thiva, Ano Liosia, Aigion, Corinthos Prefecture, W. Attica, Elefsis Refinery of EL.PET., etc]

Professional Affiliations:

  • Technical Chamber of Greece
  • Hellenic Society of Civil Engineering
  • American Society of Civil Engineers (A.S.C.E.)
  • International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. (ISSMFE)
  • International Society of Rock Mechanics (I.S.R.M.)

Other activities:

  • Coordinator of the ETC-12 /ISSMFE international Committee for the evaluation of the geotechnical aspects of the European Seismic Code EC-8 (2003-2006).
  • Director of the Construction Management Division, NTUA (2003-2004).
  • Director of the Geotechnical Division, NTUA. (2000-2001 & 2008-2010).
  • Director of the Foundation Engineering Laboratory, NTUA. (2006-2008 & 2010-).
  • Lecturer in twenty two (22) International and eight (8) National Scientific Conferences.
  • Invited lecturer in thirteen (13) International and three (3) National Scientific Conferences.
  • Invited Lecturer in eight (8) research centers and Universities outside Greece (Japan, Norway, Austria, Portugal, U.S.A. Romania, Albania).
  • Reviewer in six (6) International and one (1) National Scientific Journals.
  • Reviewer in International and National Scientific Conferences.
  • Reviewer of research proposals for the General Secretariat for Research & Technology (GSRT) of Greece.
  • Reviewer of research proposals for the National Science Foundation (NSF) of U.S.A..
  • Member of four (4) International and five (5) National Scientific Committees.
  • Member of the scientific committee for the Recognition of Foreign Academic Titles (DI.K.A.T.S.A.), for Civil Engineers (1994-1997).