Charis J. Gantes

Steel structures for marine applications

"Steel structures for marine applications" is an elective course of the multi-disciplinary program of graduate studies "Structural Analysis and Design", introducing the students to issues pertaining to the behavior, analysis and design of marine and offshore structures, with emphasis on steel structures.

The course covers issues of configuration of structural systems for various types of steel structures for marine applications (jetties for loading/unloading, offshore platforms, offshore wind turbines), optimum member sections, types of connections between members, relation between selection of structural system and method of erection, numerical modeling issues (software selection, types of elements, mesh density, modeling of connections), analysis methods (static vs. dynamic, linear vs. nonlinear, interpretation of results), dimensioning (concept of limit state design verifications, design criteria, failure criteria, member verifications, buckling lengths, connection verifications,fatigue), construction drawings (general layout, assembly, part and erection drawings).

The course is taught by C. Gantes and P. Thanopoulos and comprises 3 hours of class per week, for 13 weeks.

The students carry out, alone or in pairs, two to three exercises and a term project, consisting usually of both a literature survey and original calculations, on a topic they select in consultation with the faculty. Deliverables include a short technical report and a powerpoint presentation in public, during the last week of classes. In addition, the course has a final examination.

Additional information and educational material (in Greek and English) is available at the course's web site.

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