Charis J. Gantes

Citations in the international scientific literature

Combining citations from search engines Scopus, Google Scholar and Web of Science the research work of C. Gantes has received more than 2000 citations (without self-citations and citations from co-authors) and a value of h-factor equal to 26.


Google Scholar





C. Gantes is included in the list of the top 100.000 scientists from all scientific subjects, as well as those ranked in the top 2% in their main subfield discipline for the period 1996-2020 as well as for the year 2020, according to a study published in the journal PLOS Biology, retrieving data from the SCOPUS database and using a range of parameters for each scientist's research contribution and impact, analysed data of 7 million scientists with at least five published articles on the SCOPUS database.

Article in PLOS Biology

Databases in excel (files Table_1_Authors_career_2020_wopp_extracted_202108.xlsx for the period 1996-2020 and Table_1_Authors_singleyr_2020_wopp_extracted_202108.xlsx for year 2020)

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