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We are a dynamic research group at the National Technical University of Athens. Our aim is to explore and understand the response of advanced materials, structural components, and structures. To this end we strive to deliver outputs across the spectrum of numerical simulation, from pipeline automation to nonlinear solvers and constitutive modelling. To this end, we deliver novel simulation techniques to address complex, coupled, and rapidly evolving physics across multiple scales. We further strive to consistently back up our methods with rigorous experimental testing (see Research).

We are always looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, and Master students to join the team –(more info)

– We greatfully acknowledge funding received from the National Technical University of Athens, the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation, and the European Commission in support of our research endeavours. –


12. February 2024

Openings: Two posts are available within our QuAID3 project. See our Vacancies page for details.

05. December 2023

QuAID3 is up and running!

12. September 2023

AI2AM at the 2023 Researcher's night @NTUA! Looking forward to exchanging our insights on additively manufactured composites!

12. September 2023

Happy to share that I have just been promoted to Associate Professor @NTUA in Future Materials and Structures.

05. September 2023

AI2AM goes to Barcelona! Looking forward to giving a talk on phase field fractures for additively manufactured composites at Complas 2023 on the 7th of September.

10. August 2023

AI2AM research just published! Bond behaviour of light and heavy carbon fibre TRM to masonry interfaces at JCBldM !

20. June 2023

AI2AM research just published! Wave impact on rigid and flexible plates at Coastal Engineering !

03. December 2022

AI2AM goes virtual! Looking forward to giving a talk on nonlinear phase field fractures using the SBFEM at the 4th Workshop on Scaled Boundary Finite Element Methods.

13. November 2022

AI2AM research just published! Resolving vibro-acoustics in poroelastic media via a multiscale virtual element method at IJNME !

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