29. May 2024
QuAID3 is at Madrid! George Pissas presents his work on fracture modelling for 3d printed componets at the 19th European Mechanics of Materials Conference.

12. February 2024
Openings: Two posts are available within our QuAID3 project. See our Vacancies page for details.

05. December 2023
QuAID3 is up and running!

12. September 2023
AI2AM at the 2023 Researcher’s night @NTUA! Looking forward to exchanging our insights on additively manufactured composites!

12. September 2023
Happy to share that I have just been promoted to Associate Professor @NTUA in Future Materials and Structures.

05. September 2023
AI2AM goes to Barcelona! Looking forward to giving a talk on phase field fractures for additively manufactured composites at Complas 2023 on the 7th of September.

10. August 2023
AI2AM research just published! Bond behaviour of light and heavy carbon fibre TRM to masonry interfaces at JCBldM !

20. June 2023
AI2AM research just published! Wave impact on rigid and flexible plates at Coastal Engineering !

03. December 2022
AI2AM goes virtual! Looking forward to giving a talk on nonlinear phase field fractures using the SBFEM at the 4th Workshop on Scaled Boundary Finite Element Methods.

13. November 2022
AI2AM research just published! Resolving vibro-acoustics in poroelastic media via a multiscale virtual element method at IJNME !

13. October 2022
Just published! Condensed finite element scheme for symmetric multi-layer structures including dilatational motion at JSV !

22. September 2021
Just published! MPeat—A fully coupled mechanical-ecohydrological model of peatland development at Ecohydrology !

15. September 2021
Just published! Virtual elements for sound propagation in complex poroelastic media at Computational Mechanics !

01. September 2021
New project kick-start! Artificial Intelligence driven topology optimisation of Additively Manufactured Composite Components is a two year project funded by the EC under the Horizon 2020 MSC Action.

12. July 2021
Just published! A numerical investigation of tsunamis impacting dams at Coastal Engineering !

02. June 2021
Congratulations are in order for Udit who just succesfully defended his PhD thesis on Damage modelling in fibre-reinforced composite laminates using phase field approach.

01. February 2021
New project kick-start! Uncertainty Quantification of fracture across multiple scales – a Machine Learning paradigm is a two year project funded by the NTUA.

15. December 2020
Just published! Multiscale VEM poromechanics at Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering !

15. November 2020
Just published! Quasi-brittle fractures for laminated composites at Composite Structures !

02. November 2020
Funding alert! Royal Sociaty International Exchanges project on Strength enhancement of large-scale concrete bridge members subjected to corrosion and repeated mechanical damage in collaboration with Dr. Samir Dirar Birmingham Uni !

15. March 2020
Strenthening using composites against progressive collapse at Engineering Structures !

14. December 2019
Speeding up phase field fractures at Int. J. Num. Methods in Eng. !

13. December 2019
Our first paper from NTUA on multiscale VEM is now online at Int. J. Num. Methods in Eng. !

04. December 2019
New website up and running!