I'm Bill Psomas.

Deep Learning for Computer Vision Phd Student in National Technical University of Athens. Passionate about photography, music, art and gymnastics. Let's start scrolling and learn more about me.

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A Short Story...

Ever since I was a child, my favorite question was "why"? I had an inexhaustible will for learning, an endless curiosity and a tendency to discover hidden or unknown patterns. As a student, I was keen on Physics, Math, Computer Science and becoming an Engineer was my dream.

It was during my studies at the National Technical University of Athens that I came in contact for the first time in my life with the world of Computer Vision and Machine Learning. I still remember my excitement and strong interest. The world of Image really impressed me and that was the reason why I simultaneously started Art Photography classes. On the one hand, Image as a Science and on the other hand Image as an Art. After defencing my thesis on early 2018, pursuing further relevant studies was inevitable.

I enrolled in the MSc in Data Science and Information Technologies of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. This proved to be an ideal step for my endeavors. I met Yannis Avrithis, who introduced me to the world of Research, generously gave me valuable advice and shared his knowledge. I travelled to Rennes, where at that time Yannis was a Research Scientist, to do my Research Internship at Linkmedia Team of Inria Rennes. We worked on Deep Metric Learning. My thesis [slides] was defenced on late 2020. It was after Rennes that I decided to take the leap and continue my career with a PhD, which has been a long-term inner ambition of mine.

So, time finds me today in Athens, in the Remote Sensing Laboratory, working as a PhD Student on Representation Learning with Yannis and Konstantinos Karantzalos.

Contact Details

Remote Sensing Laboratory
National Technical University of Athens
Heroon Polytechniou 9
15780, Zografou, Greece



A Few Of My Favourite Shoots

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