orge Kalakallas
Creator with rich work and an excellent presence in Greece as well as abroad, George Kalakallas, a sculptor who is also interested in painting, is characterized by the extent of his quests and the brand of his offer. And both with his older and more recent works, he doesn't leave any kind of doubt about the depth of his creative imagination and the expressive power of his formulations. By making worth of all kinds of material- stone, marble, copper, iron, wood, alabaster, onyx, wire -and by his quests in various stylistically directions, he achieves in giving us works that are characterized by the imposition of the clear modeling values. His goal has always been the essential and the eternal, achieved through the exploitation of the possibilities and of the texture of all of his materials, as well as through the formulation of an expressive vocabulary, corresponding to all and any thematological Regions.
Professor of History of Art
Member of the Academy of Athens