orge Kalakallas
George Kalakallas Based on a broad spectrum of exploration and definition of space, measure, rhythm, and the value of the mass, as well as their intellectual parameters, Kalakallas incorporates a multi-dimensional and significant work, amidst a small but notable group of contemporary fellow artists, who delineate the setting for contemporary Greek sculpture.
The tradition of graphic description and neo-realism, as well as the boldness of expressionism and the avant-guard of constructivism, defines the versatility of the reflective power of his work. His artistic products are characterized by architectural completeness, where the plastic value and the structure of the mass are revised under a deep knowledge of Greek measure and strict perception of space. A harmonious conjunction based on modern perceptions of contemporary sculpture attains this change, offering a personal vision about this world.
A latent movement, creating a constant discourse with the eternally variable dimensions of space, defines Karaka1las's work. The dynamic parameters that follow from the analysis of the form, along with the rhythm of the planes, provide his work with unique static and structural endurance. For Karkallas the harmonious blending in his anthropomorphous sculpture of yielding aesthetic values with most modern, catalytic, perceptions of the form is a great achievement. The five main components of his work (monuments, busts, horses, totem compositions, and smaller abstract forms) attest this process and outline his evolutionary development between description and schematization. The clean and refined make of geometric mass and shapes, the fluid curves, the continuous discourse with the voices of his materials, and the remarkably bright exploitation of spate depict an original and consistent language, unique for its mathematical precision, its aesthetic completion, and its artistic autonomy.