orge Kalakallas
George Kalakallas was born in 1938 in Tyrnavos. After finishing his elementary studies at the Second High School of Larisa, he started his higher education as a listener at the John Pappas' sculpture work-shop of the School of Fine Arts. He continued them at the same work-shop as a full student in 1958, under a scholarship of the State Institution of Scholarships, after having excelled in the exams, and up to 1962, when he received his diploma. He also attended lessons of copper-casting plaster art at the fitting work-shop of the School of Fine Arts.While a student, in 1959, he worked, under a two-months scholarship of the Royal Institution, in Pilion, copying and studying the folk relief of the Monastery of Saint Athanasios and studying both the post-Byzantine and the folk frescos. In 1962, he received his diploma in theoretical and historic studies in the School of Fine Arts. In 1964, he, again, received the first prize in the competition for the memorial monument in Pireas.
One year later, Kalakallas was appointed lecturer (without salary) at the Seat of
Sculpture of the Architectural School of the Technical University of Athens -under professor A. Lameras -and two years later, in 1967 , following a proposition of the same professor, he was appointed salaried auxiliary professor at the same Seat. In 1970 his three-years term was renovated, and in 1975 he was promoted, again following Lameras' proposition, to salaried senior lecturer. In 1979 he was given a permanency, in 1984 he was made a lector and in 1988 he reached the rank of the assistant professor. In 1993 he was made associated professor and in 1997 full professor of the Architectural School of the Technical University of Athens.