orge Kalakallas
The review, study and analysis of some of the most characteristic artistic creations of Kalakallas is not sufficient enough to show us the whole extent, character and richdom of his engraving and modelling language. It is just a summary enquiry not only of his quests in his artistic itinerary but also of his personal conquests. What every student of his art can easily recognize for himself is that Kalakallas is not interested and not limited only to one stylistical trend nor to one thematological category .His goal is to use the morphological phraseology, corresponding each time to his subjects expressing in a more lucid way his intentions. This is the characteristic permitting him to contact the spectator and open a reciprocal, fertile dialogue with him. His work is not so much based on his subjects nor on his stylistical directions as on the imposition of the purely modelling values, which can express in the most convincing way his apprehensions. A born sculptor and modelling artist, Kalakallas does not try to catch by surprise the spectator: he tries instead to help him talk in an essential way with his work. Through the use of the realistic and idealistic vocabulary, of the geometrical and expressionistic elements, the often surrealistic and symbolical dimension, he strives to put forth the purely modelling elements: the volumes and the surfaces, the outlines and the space, characteristics that allow him to express hiself in a more lucid way and stress the modelling values. He uses in the most self-confident manner all of his materials, emphasizing their texture and fulfilling their expressive possibilities. These are exactly the factors that prove the artist's ability to transfer to the spectator expreriences, visions, quests and apprehensions. In this way, his works combine integrity and expressive