Charis J. Gantes

Recommendation letters

Current or former students who wish to receive a recommendation letter from C. Gantes, should send to him the following information by e-mail:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Individual course grades and average grades (for undergraduate curriculum, post-graduate studies or both, depending on the case)
  • Contact information (e-mail address, mobile phone number)
  • Full details of the recipient of the recommendation letter (University, post-graduate program etc.)
  • Other information that could be useful (e.g. statement of purpose)

The recommendation letters will be sent by C. Gantes electronically directly to the recipient, unless the recipient requires them to be printed.

In order to maintain the quality and effectiveness of recommendation letters:

  • Recommendation letters will not be given for general use ("to whom it may concern")
  • The maximum number of recommendation letters per applicant will be proportional to the extent of the applicant's previous collaboration with C. Gantes, as follows:
    • For those who have completed their doctoral thesis under his supervision:
      • – without limitation

    • For those who have completed their diploma or post-graduate thesis under his supervision:
      • – up to 8 letters in total for post-graduate programs and scholarship foundations

        – without limitation for potential employers

    • For those who had no personal collaboration with C. Gantes besides coursework:
      • – up to 4 letters in total for postgraduate programs and scholarship foundations

      Under the following conditions:

        – personal contact (at least visual) from the class

        – overall average grade at least 7.5 out of 10

        – average grade of courses taught by C. Gantes at least 8 out of 10

      If one or more of the above conditions are not met, recommendation letters will not be provided.

      For reasons of equal treatment, these conditions will be observed strictly for everyone without exceptions.

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