Dr. E. G. Giakoumis - Professor of Internal Combustion Engines / Δρ. Ε.Γ. Γιακουμής - Καθηγητής Ε.Μ.Π., Μηχανές Εσωτερικής Καύσης

Experimental Test-bed for Transient Diesel Engine Measurements at the NTUA



The experimental test bed for transient measurements

at the Internal Combustion Engines Lab of the NTUA




Development of engine and turbocharger response, and smoke,

NO and combustion noise emissions during a turbocharged diesel engine acceleration

for three examined fuel blends 

(C.D. Rakopoulos, A.M. Dimaratos, E.G. Giakoumis and D.C. Rakopoulos, “Investigating the emissions

during acceleration of a turbocharged diesel engine operating with bio-diesel or n-butanol diesel fuel blends”,

Energy, Vol. 35, pp. 5173-5184, 2011 (doi: 10.1015/j.energy.2011.03.051)



Cylinder pressure acoustic level during various cycles of a turbocharged diesel engine

cold starting event 

(E.G. Giakoumis and A.M. Dimaratos, “Development of combustion instability and noise 

during starting of a truck turbocharged diesel engine”,

International Journal of Vehicle Design, 2012 (in press))