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Selected research and consulting projects


Energy yield, feasibility and technical studies for RES power plants (wind, PV and solar thermal) and hybrid RES-storage stations (wind/PV and pumped or battery energy storage); applications of storage to non-interconnected island systems.

Several projects commissioned by investors, developers and independent power producers. Include high visibility projects such as:

o   Tilos island Hybrid Power Station:

      Performance & feasibility analysis, dimensioning and techno-economic studies for a wind-PV-battery station on Tilos Island (for the investor, Eunice Laboratories, to support the production licensing of the plant, 2015-2016)

      Development of the internal Energy Management System (EMS) algorithms of the plant (for Eunice Laboratories, 2018), as well as overall island system generation management algorithms (for HEDNO, 2018).

o   Ikaria island Hybrid Power Station

      Performance analysis and techno-economic studies for the wind-hydro-pumped storage plant on Ikaria Island (for the investor, PPC Renewables, to support the production licensing of the plant, 2009-2010)

      Technical consultant to PPC Renewables during station development and to HEDNO as regards grid integration and management of the island system (2014-2015)

      Technical consultant to PPC Renewables on final commissioning, grid integration and development of the station internal EMS (2018-2019)

“Capacity adequacy and evaluation of solutions (diesel/LNG/renewable generation and storage) for the system of Crete, in its current autonomous and future interconnected state” (for the Regulatory Authority for Energy – RAE, 2019).

“Support for the development of a regulatory framework for publicly accessible EV recharging infrastructure in Greece” (RAE, 2018-2019).

“Support for the establishment of operational electricity markets on the Greek non-interconnected islands – TADNI” (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), 2018-2019).

“Algorithms for energy metering, billing and instruction deviations for hybrid RES-storage stations operating in island systems” (Hellenic Distribution Network & Island System Operator -HEDNO, 2018).

“Design of the energy supply system and development of management policy for the Green Island Aghios Efstratios” (Centre for Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency – CRES, 2017-2018).

“Development of a new pricing framework and tariffs for hybrid power stations in Island Systems” (RAE, 2017).

“Management of Rhodes generation system following its capacity expansion” (HEDNO, 2017).

“Technical and economic evaluation methodology for island interconnection projects - Technical support to the Regulator Committee evaluating the feasibility of Aegean Sea island interconnections” (RAE, 2017).

“Update of the Techno-economic Feasibility Study for the Green Island Aghios Efstratios” (CRES, 2016).

“Anticipated benefits, feasibility and deployment paradigms of electricity storage in island systems” (TERNA Energy S.A., 2016).

“RES penetration potential in the non-interconnected islands of the Aegean Sea” (Siemens S.A., 2016).

“Development of a strategic plan for the implementation of the Island System Management Code, including the development of Energy Control Centre infrastructure” (HEDNO, 2015).

“Support in the development of the new Distribution Network Operating Code” (HEDNO, 2014-2015).

“Determination of RES hosting capacities for all Non-Interconnected Island Systems” (HEDNO, 2013-2014).

“Analysis of wind and PV penetration margins in the power system of Cyprus” (Cyprus Energy Regulatory Authority -CERA, 2013-2014).

“Development and evaluation of alternative proposals for the operation and pricing of pumped storage plants in the Hellenic interconnected power system” (RAE, 2013).

“Maximizing RES penetration in the electricity generation mix of Rhodes over a midterm horizon” (Heinrich Böll Stiftung and The Green Institute, 2012-2013).

“Development of a technical evaluation framework for the interconnection of small wind turbines to the network” (HEDNO, 2012-2013).

“Development of a National Programme for the Exploitation of the Off-Shore Wind Potential in the Aegean Sea – Design of HVDC and HVAC sub-sea interconnections” (GSRT, 2012-2015).

“Technical support to the Implementation of Smart Grid Infrastructure in Aegean Sea islands” (DAFNI Island Network, in the framework of the EIB ELENA Programme, 2012-2014).

“Development of new SiC transistors and application to a PV inverter” (General Secretariat of Research and Technology – GSRT, 2011-2014).

“Parametric Investigation of RES Penetration Potential and Management of RES Stations in the Islands of Crete and Rhodes” (RAE, 2011-2012).

“Evaluation of PV and Wind Penetration Potential in the Non-Interconnected Islands on a 5-year Horizon” (PPC S.A., 2010-2011).

“MERGE: Mobile Energy Resources in Grids of Electricity” (FP7-ENERGY-2009-7.3.3, 2010-2011).

“Investigation of applicable Tariffs for Hybrid Power Stations in Non-Interconnected Islands” (RAE, 2010).

“Techno-economic Feasibility Study for the Green Island “Aghios Efstratios”: Generation, Storage and Energy Management” (CRES/GSRT, 2009).

“Analysis of PV Station Energy Loss Factors” (PPC Renewables S.A., 2009).

“Strategic Study for the Interconnection of Autonomous Island Networks to the Mainland Power System –Preliminary Investigation” (RAE, 2006-2007 & 2007-2008).

“PV Penetration Potential to the Non-Interconnected Island Systems” (RAE, 2006-2007).

“Grid-Code Technical Requirements for the Wind Power Stations” (RAE, 2006-2007).

«MICROGRIDS - Large Scale Integration of Micro-Generation to Low Voltage Grids» (FP5, ENK5-CT-2002-00610, 2003-2005) & «MORE MICROGRIDS - Advanced Architectures and Control Concepts for More Microgrids» (FP6, SES6-CT-2005-019864, 2006-2009).

“Design and construction of a floating, RES powered water desalination unit” (GSRT, 2003-2007).