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Areas of involvement and expertise


Expertise in the areas of renewable energy, electricity storage, market and grid integration of distributed energy resources, transmission and distribution networks, autonomous island systems and interconnections, smart grids and electromobility. Engagement in more than 100 research and consulting projects.

Exposure to diverse international technical and regulatory environments through collaboration with DSOs, TSOs and vertically integrated utilities around the world (TEPCO, KEPCO, SGCC, Enedis/EDF etc.).

Specific areas of involvement and expertise:

·        Regulation and market participation of electricity storage and distributed energy resources: legal and regulatory framework for licensing, grid access and market participation of storage stations, integration of behind-the-meter storage in production and consumer facilities, development of hybrid RES-storage, net metering, prosumer facilities.

·        Regulatory aspects of electricity networks: network codes, connection and use-of-system tariffs, integration of distributed energy resources, hosting capacity analysis, congestion management etc.

·        State aid schemes in Energy: advisory support for the design, EC notification and transposition in national legal & regulatory framework of State aid schemes in the areas of renewable energy, storage and network infrastructure, experience with open/competitive schemes and individual notifications, inclusion in ENTSO-e TYNDP and PCI status.

·        Autonomous islands and very high RES penetration systems (“green islands”): Regulatory aspects, electricity market structure, optimal planning, security and reliability of supply, PSO regime, management algorithms, operational and technical aspects, integration of RES and storage, interconnection studies. Feasibility analysis and technical design for “green islands and off-grid systems.

·        Energy storage projects (merchant storage, colocation with RES & integration in hybrid RES-storage entities, deployment in consumer premises): CBA studies, investment feasibility assessment, market participation, network access and interconnection, licensing, technical design, participation in support schemes. Experience with pumped hydro, batteries and thermal energy storage solutions.

·        RES projects (wind, PV, solar thermal): feasibility analysis, sizing and technical design, licensing, grid interconnection, PPAs, auction participation and market integration, specialized technical studies (RfG compliance, power quality, short circuit analysis etc.).

·        Green H2: investment feasibility analysis, project sizing, operation & management studies, integration with RES facilities, synergies with electricity storage, support schemes.

·        Energy planning: long-term planning studies for generation & storage systems to support decarbonization targets, generation adequacy analysis.

·        Transmission and distribution: Equipment selection, sizing and specification, standardization, power quality measurements and analysis, electric and magnetic field measurements, earthing, calculation of losses etc. Dynamic and transient analysis of networks & systems with high RES penetration.

·        Island and offshore wind interconnection: HVAC and HVDC solutions. Feasibility studies, dimensioning, analysis of technical, economic and operational aspects.

·        Smart grid technologies: active distribution networks, energy control centres, smart metering infrastructure, FACTS-HVDC, microgrids etc.

·        Electromobility: Development, operation and grid integration of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Institutional and regulatory aspects of electromobility.

·        High resilience networks: Design and analysis of special purpose & high resilience electricity distribution networks and user facilities.

·        Temporary power solutions: Deployment of conventional and innovative & sustainable temporary power solutions (generation, storage, distribution, UPS).

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Transmission System Operator and Market Operator (2009-2012), he dealt with issues related to:

·          Transmission system planning and operation.

·          System integration of RES generation.

·          Electricity market operation.

·         Cross-border interconnections and trading.