Dr. Stavros A. Papathanassiou


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Areas of involvement and expertise


He has been involved in research and consulting projects in the following fields:

·         Integration of RES and storage stations to non-interconnected island systems. Technical and economic studies, operating strategies, station and system management, market integration, energy studies required for licensing/permitting etc.

·         Analysis and design of autonomous systems with very high RES penetration (autonomous renewable-fed desalination plants, “green islands”, isolated installations).

·         Island system interconnections, involving traditional AC and HVDC solutions. Analysis of technical, economic and operational aspects.

·         Design, analysis, sizing and techno-economic studies for RES stations (wind, PV, solar thermal).

·         PPA and connection agreements for RES and storage stations.

·         Technology and applications of storage. Feasibility, sizing and technical studies for storage and hybrid (RES-storage) stations in non-interconnected islands, including different technologies of storage (pumped hydro and batteries) and RES generation (PVs, wind and small hydro).

·         Interconnection of RES and DG stations to the network. Feasibility studies, technical design, special purpose studies (power quality, short circuits, protection etc.).

·         Technology, analysis, sizing and feasibility studies for AC and DC interconnections of offshore wind farms.

·         Dynamic/transient analysis of RES stations and power systems with high RES penetrations.

·         Transmission and distribution network technical issues: Equipment selection, sizing and specification, standardization, electric and magnetic fields of equipment and installations (involving measurement campaigns for HV lines and substations), earthing, calculation of losses etc.

·         Power quality studies in networks and installations, involving measurement campaigns and analysis.

·         Design and analysis of special purpose networks and installations of very high resilience levels.

·         Development of Codes for distribution networks, wind power and non-interconnected island systems.

·         Power electronics applications and control for RES and storage installations.

·         Smart grid technologies, such as active distribution networks, energy control centres, automated metering infrastructure, FACTS-HVDC, microgrids etc.

·         Grid integration of electric vehicles. Institutional and regulatory aspects of electromobility.

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Transmission System Operator and Market Operator (2009-2012), he dealt with issues related to:

·           Transmission system planning and operation.

·           System and market integration of RES generation.

·           Electricity market operation.

·           Cross-border interconnections and trading.

He has international experience in transmission and distribution networks, design and implementation of high resilience facilities and temporary power, having engaged in projects in several countries around the world, including Brazil, China, France, Japan, Russia, Senegal, South Korea and the UK.