Dr. Stavros A. Papathanassiou


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Areas of involvement and expertise



He has been involved in research and consulting projects in the following fields:

§  Design, analysis, sizing and techno-economic studies for RES stations (wind, PV, solar thermal).

§  Technology and applications of storage. Feasibility, sizing and technical studies for hybrid stations in non-interconnected islands, including storage facilities of different technologies (pumped storage and batteries of different types).

§  Interconnection of RES and DG stations to the power system. Feasibility studies, technical design, special purpose studies (power quality, short circuits, protection etc.).

§  Integration of RES and hybrid stations to non-interconnected island systems. Technical and economic studies, operating strategies, station and system management, market integration, energy studies required for licensing/permitting etc. Special focus on hybrid (RES-storage) and solar thermal power plants.

§  Issues related to the PPA and Connection Agreements of RES and hybrid power stations.

§  Analysis and design of autonomous systems with very high RES penetration (autonomous renewable-fed desalination plants, “green islands”, isolated installations).

§  Dynamic/transient analysis of RES stations and power systems with high RES penetrations.

§  Transmission and distribution network technical issues: Equipment selection, sizing and specification, standardization, electric and magnetic fields of equipment and installations (involving measurement campaigns for HV lines and substations), earthing, calculation of losses etc.

§  Power quality studies in networks and installations, involving extensive measurement and analysis.

§  Technology, analysis, sizing and feasibility studies for AC and DC interconnections of offshore wind farms and island systems.

§  Design and analysis of special purpose networks and installations of very high resilience levels.

§  Development of Codes for distribution networks, wind power and non-interconnected island systems.

§  Power electronics and control for RES and storage installations.

§  Smart grid technologies, such as active distribution networks, energy control centres, automated metering infrastructure, FACTS-HVDC, microgrids etc.

§  Grid integration of electric vehicles.



As a member of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Transmission System Operator and Market Operator, he dealt with issues related to:

§  Transmission system planning and operation.

§  System and market integration of RES generation.

§  Electricity market operation.

§  Cross-border interconnections and trading.