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Gerassimos A. Athanassoulis
9, Heroon Polytechniou str.,
Zographos 157 73, Athens, Greece

Tel: ++30 210 772-1136
Fax: ++30 210 772-1397

Research projects funded by European Organizations

As scientific responsible


Development and application of Validated Geophysical Ocean Wave Products from ENVISAT ASAR and RA-2 Instruments
(ENVIWAVE), Cordis Link
Funding: E.U., DG Research (NTUA budget: 345.267 Euro).


An advanced lightweight architecture for a Digital Library of scientific collections
(ARION), Cordis Link
Funding: E.U., FP5/IST (NTUA budget: 436.452 Euro).


Estimation of extreme metocean events
Cordis Link
Funding: E.U, INTAS (NTUA budget: 7.900 Euro).


Wind and Waves Mediterranean Atlas
Western European Union, WEAO Research Cell, (NTUA budget: 295.350 Euro).


Mediterranean Atmospheric Mercury Cycle System
(MAMCS), Cordis Link
Funding: E.U., DGXII (NTUA budget: 33.000 Euro).
NTUA was a subcontractor of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.


A European-wide offshore/nearshore statistical toolbox and data base for timely wave climate assessment
(EUROWAVES). Cordis Link
Funding: E.U., DGXII, MAST 3 Programme, (NTUA budget: 420.382 Euro).


Satellite uses: a common course for engineering and sea-conditions studies
Funding: E.U., DG XII, Training and Education Programme of the European Community, (NTUA budget: 7.500 Euro).


Atlas of wave energy resource in Europe
(WERATLAS). Cordis Link
Funding: E.U., DG XII, JOULE 2 (NTUA budget: 125.000 Euro).


Probabilistic methodology for coastal site investigation based on stochastic odelling of waves and currents
(WAVEMOD). Cordis Link
Funding: DG XII, MAST 2 Programme, (NTUA budget: 30.750 Euro).


as researcher


"Advanced Decision Support for Shiprouting based on Full-scale Ship-specific Responses as well as Improved Sea and Weather Forecasts including Synoptic, High Precision and Realtime Satellite Data" (SEAROUTES) Cordis Link
Funding: E.U., DGXII.
Scientific Responsible: Th. LOUKAKIS (NTUA, Greece).


"A pilot tomography system for monitoring the Western Mediterranean Basin" (THETIS 2). Cordis Link
Funding: E.U., DGXII.
Scientific Responsible: J.S. PAPADAKIS (FORTH, Greece).


"Wave studies and development of resource evaluation methodology" Cordis Link
Funding: E.U., DGXII.
Scientific Responsible: M. T. PONTES (INETI, Portugal).


"Enhanced acoustic tomography and its applications to circulation and deep convection in the Western Mediterranean" (THETIS).
Funding: E.U., DGXII.
Scientific Responsible: J.S. PAPADAKIS (FORTH, Greece).