Current Collaborators (RSLab, NTUA)


Research Fellows and Associates






MSc Students

Alkis Koukos Paddy Rice Mapping based on Multi-temporal Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data in a High Performance Data Analytics Environment

Ioannis Kazakos Generation of Synthetic Referring Expressions for Object Segmentation in Videos

Foteini Siouka Evaluating Generative Adversarial Networks For Reconstructing without Clouds Satellite Sentinel-2 Data

Konstantinos Vasili Developement of a Cross-platform Application for the Measurement and Visualization of Geospatial Data

Konstantinos Giannakelos Deep Object Detectors

George Kollias Deep Learning for Hyperspectral Data Classification


BSc Students

Iason Manesis Deep Learning for Vessel Detection

Ioannis Psichogios Large scale Burned area Mapping

Ero Troullinou Deep Learning for Hyperspectral data classificaiton



Former Collaborators/ Alumni

PhD Students

Dr. Maria Vakalopoulou Mapping Changes in Very High Resolution Data: Joint Registration, Semantic Segmentation and Change Detection (now Postdoctoral Fellow at the: Digital Vision Center, Ecole CentraleSupelec, France )


MSc Students

Gkinis Giannis Land Cover Change Detection from Multitemporal Satellite Data

Pegiou Vicky Soil Moisture Estimation from Active and Passive Satellite Sensors

Zervos Panagiotis Integration of a Multisensor Spectral System onboard a UAV. Preliminary results from Data Fusion

Konstantina Tsiokou Annual Land Cover Mapping from Landsat and Sentinel Data

Mantzoutsou Ioanna 2D and 3D Data Representations at different Scales for Virtual Environments

Tambouratzi Lydia Assessing Empirical Models and Remote Sensing Products for Estimating Evapotranspiration

Bliziotis D., Development of an Integrated Methodology for the Automated Production of Land Use/Land Cover Maps (now at: Planetek Hellas)

Chalkiadakis A., Comparing Handling and Online Visualization Approaches for Remote Sensing Geospatial Products (now at: Novoville )

Zachou G., Post-fire Monitoring of Ecosystem Natural Regenation from Multitemporal Very High Resolution Satellite Data

Bousoulas G., Create and Visualise Spatio-temporal Datasets from Medium Resolution Open Remote Sensing Data and Open Source Software (at: GYS )

Vaiopoulos A., Investigation and Evaluation of Fusion/Pan-Sharpening techniques for multispectral and panchromatic satellite data (now: PhD Student )

Karakizi C., Vineyard Detection, Vine Canopy Extraction and Vine Variety Discrimination from High Resolution Data (now: PhD Student )

Pilaftsis K., Evaluating registration and unsupervised classification algorithms for optical data from low-cost unmanned aerial vehicles

Kapsopoulou E., Estimating the possibilities for forest natural regeneration and the risks of erosion after forest fires: The case of Pogoniou Municipality, Greece

Stampoulidis K., Simulating Forest Fire Spread by Estimating Fire Fuel Models from Remote Sensing Data (at: Fire Service )

Kontopoulou E., Water quality estimation in Greek lakes with remote sensing techniques (now at: EAP )

Athanasopoulou E., Change Detection from Multitemporal Landsat-8 and Sentinel-1 data in the mining region of Skouries, Greece (now at: GET )

Poulos D., Radiometric calibration of high resolution mid-infrared satellite data (at: Satellite Ground Station )

Lelli A., Change Detection in Surface Mines by Fusing Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Data (now at: GET )

Psimmenou D., Risk assessment for avalanches in mountain Olympus with remote sensing techniques and meteorological data

Karmas A., Geospatial Big Data Analysis in a Computer Cluster Environment for Earth Observation Applications (now at: Attica Bank )

Labraki M., Classifying Multi-date Landsat Data for Land Cover Mapping (now at: CityPlanning MoP)

Karkalou E., Convolutional Neural Networks for Dense Stereo Image Matching

Tsironis B., Design, Implementation and Validation of Appearance Models for Visual Tracking (now at: up2metric )

Psalta A., Development and Validation of a Methodology for Multiple Object Tracking

Tsamoura J., Evaluation of Chlorophyll and Temperature Estimation Models in the Southeast Mediterranean from MODIS and Seninel-3 Data


BSc Students

Fallagas Alekos Precision Agriculture based on Remote and Proximate Sensors: Cotton, Corn, Clover

Karantoni Konstantina Satellite and UAV data for Bathymetry Mapping

Olyna Gounari Annual Land Cover Mapping and Crop-type Identification from High Resolution Satellite Data

Fountas Aleksandros Mapping Materials and Modelling Musical Instruments

Vasilis Konstantinos Target Recognition with Machine Learning

Karakizi C., Vineyard Detection and Vine Variety Discrimination using Remote Sensing Techniques

Kandylakis Z., Evaluation of High Spectral and Spatial Resolution Remote Sensing Data for Precision Viticulture

Poulos D., Automatic Detection of Parked Aircrafts from Multitemporal Satellite Data

Petrakis G., Open Web-GIS technologies and interoperability standards for the Management and Delivery of Remote Sensing data and products

Theologou I., Water Quality Estimation in Reservoirs using Satellite Imagery: A case study of Lake Karla

Oikonomou M., Analysis and evaluation of remote sensing data from satellites, UAVs and spectroradiometers for presicion agriculture

Patelaki, M., Water quality estimation and mapping water quality parameters in reservoirs using multitemporal, multispectral remote sensing data

Bliziotis D., Development and evaluation of an automated land cover mapping approach in Greece

Bousoulas G., Impervious Surface Detection from Very High Resolution Remote Sensing Data

Sarelli A., Correlation between vegetation, air and land surface temperature from concurrent satellite and terrestrial measurements in Attica, Greece

Kontopoulos C., Deep learning and Convolutional Neural Networks for the classification of hyperspectral data

Mountogiannaki D., Estimating the quality of coastal European waters with high resolution multispectral remote sensing data

Tampouratzi L., Designation of green water footprint using meteorological and satellite data

Kordits V., Study and Implementation of a Simultaneous Mapping and Localization Algorithm with optical data from an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Giannakopoulou E., Studying the time series of basic Corine Land Cover classes from multitemporal Landsat 8

Vardoulaki T., Per City-block Density and Urban Green Estimation from Remote Sensing Data and Deep Learning

Papageorgiou A., Estimating qualitative parameters for lakes in France with remote sensing

Michailidou E., Classifications of high resolution multitemporal remote sensing data for land use/cover mapping

Filippou E., Comparing atmospherically corrected products from Landsat-8, Sentinel-2 and MODIS

Papadomanolaki M., Design, Development and Evaluation of Deep Learning-based Classification Frameworks for High Resolution Remote Sensing Data. Implementation and Integration into Orfeo Toolbox

Platias C., Evaluating deformable and descriptor-based techniques for the registration of various satellite imaging and video data

Santoza F., Estimating Water Quality through Remote Sensing in Greek Coastal Zones and the Saronic Gulf

Skemvris S., Detecting Clouds and Shadows from Landsat-8 data with Support Vector Machines. A comparison Against the F-mask algorithm

Antoniou G., Land Cover Mapping with Multitemporal Sentinel-2 Data via Support Vector Machines