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A. Seismic

  1. CS(AvgSA): Matlab routines to estimate the Conditional Spectrum conditioned on given values of the average spectral acceleration, AvgSa, and to select hazard-consistent records to match it
    AvgSA_script.rar (12.2MB)
  2. YFSapp: Yield Frequency Spectra application tool for simplified performance-based seismic design
    YFSapp.xls (900kB)
  3. Quadrilinear near-optinal fitting of static pushover capacity curves (41kB)
  4. IDA Matlab postprocessing routines (80kB)
  5. IDA Matlab running routines for OpenSEES (397kB)
  6. Excel spreadsheet and Matlab implementations of the SPO2IDA algorithm for practically all-period oscillators. [Updated May/2011 spreadsheet version fixing a bug affecting some isolated cases]
    spo2ida-allt.xls (320kB) (20kB)
  7. User-friendly tool applying SPO2IDA for MDOF structures, suitable for use with ATC-58 PACT software
    SPO2IDATool.xls (620kB)
  8. MatLab implementation of the Hunt & Fill algorithm for IDA tracing, as presented by Vamvatsikos & Cornell (2002).
    traceIDA.m (15kB)
  9. Tcl + Matlab tools to display any fiber section created in OpenSEES. (5kB)
  10. Matlab tools to display an OpenSEES model (nodes, elements, loads, etc.) (45kB)

B. Geomechanics

  1. Fortran-77 program solving Lamb's axisymmetric problem of a dynamic concentrated load in an elastic half-space. See Georgiadis, Vamvatsikos & Vardoulakis (1999).

Disclaimer: The development of these programs is purely for research purposes. No warranty is given for the accuracy or completeness of these routines. Proceed at your own risk.

License: All these programs are copyrighted (© D. Vamvatsikos) under the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, version 2. In short, you can employ them freely (assuming you cite the original source and the relevant publication) but if you want to build upon, extend or re-distribute them, then the derivative software products will also have to be covered under the GPL (i.e., be free software). Other licensing options are negotiable.


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