Last Update: 9 June 2019

Professional Activities

1992 Surveying and drawing the plan of a forest area of 500000 m2 in 1:500 scale on Saint Thomas Island – (near Aigina).
1994 Setting out the boundary marks of ″Pyrgos″ village, near Corinth- Peloponnese.
1994 Horizontal and vertical documentation of 400000 m2 area in 1:500 scale for the regional reformation, at Koumoundourou lake – Athens
1996 Surveying the property of the National Observatory of Athens at Krioneri village, Corinth in 1:200 and 1:500 scales.(100000 m2).
1998 Geometrical documentation of ″Saint Peter’s tower″ on Andros island-Aegean sea.
1999 Surveying the tannery site ″Kornilaki″ on Syros island-Aegean sea.
1999 Surveying and setting out the site for the establishment of the astronomical telescope ″Aristarchos″ of the National Observatory of Athens at Chelmos mountain - Peloponnesus.
1990-2005 Applications of regional planning in several regions in the greater Athens area, leveling studies for water management of highways and about a hundred land surveys for building constructions.