PhD Theses

1. E. Tournas, 2003
Developing a videogrammetric system for monitoring of dynamic phenomena

2. D. Skarlatos, 2006
Investigation of automatic selection of Least Squares Image Matching Window and DTM checking without reference data

3. A. Pothou, 2012
Developing a methodology for LiDAR/INS Boresight Misalignment Calibration
PhD Theses
in compilation

1. A. Valanis
Developing automated procedures for the combined use of 3D point clouds and photogrammetric data

2. S. Tapinaki
Specifications for the Geometric Recording of Greek Monuments

3. E. Tsiligiris
Investigation of the contribution of Expert Systems to Digital Photogrammetry

4. D. Mavromati
Investigation of theoretical and practical aspects for monument documentation with orthoimages