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Publications - Journals

  • C. Pittaras, C. Pappagianni, A. Leivadeas, P. Grosso, J. van der Ham, S. Papavassiliou, "Resource Discovery and Allocation for Federated Virtualized Infrastructures", accepted for publication in Future Generation Computer Systems (Elsevier), January, 2014
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Publications - Books

  • I.S. Venieris, E. Kosmatos, C. Papagianni, G. N. Prezerakos, "Live Video and On-demand Streaming", Handbook of Mobile Broadcasting: DVB-H, DMB, ISDB-T and MediaFLO, ed. Borko Furht and Syed A. Ahson, CRC Press - Taylor & Francis chap 23, April 15, 2008, ISBN 9781420053869
  • S. Papavassiliou, , C. Papagianni,S. Distefano,G. Merlino, A. Puliafito, " M2M Interactions Paradigm via Volunteer Computing and Mobile Crowdsensing", In Press Machine-To-Machine Communications - Architectures, Technology, Standards, and Applications, ed. Vojislav Misic and Jelena Misic. Taylor & Francis chap.11, February 20, 2014.

Publications - Conferences

  • C. Papagianni, G. Androulidakis, S. Papavassiliou, " Virtual Topology Mapping in SDN-enabled Clouds", accepted - to appear in Proc. of the NCCA 2014, Rome, Italy.
  • A. Leivadeas, C. Papagianni, , S. Papavassiliou," Energy- Aware Networked Could Mapping", In Proc. of the IEEE International Symposium of Network Computing and Applications (NCA ) 2013, Boston, US. pp.195-202.
  • W. Vandenberghe, B. Vermeulen, P. Demeester, A. Willner, S. Papavassiliou, A. Gavras, M. Sioutis, A. Quereilhac, Y. Al-Hazmi, F. Lobillo, F. Schreiner, C. Velayos, A. Vico-Oton, G. Androulidakis, C. Papagianni, O. Ntofon, and M. Boniface: "Architecture for the Heterogeneous Federation of Future Internet Experimentation Facilities", In Proc Future Network and Mobile Summit, 2013, Lisbon, Portugal, pp 1-11.
  • S. Papagiani, C.Papagianni, "A Computational Model of Environmental Sustainability for Mixed Traffic", presented at the conference program of World Conference on Transport Research (13th WCTR), 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, The study will also appear at the Selected Proceedings of the Conference. 13th WCTR.
  • S.Vocella, Á. Monje, C. Velayos, F. Farina, C. Papagianni, V. Maglaris and M. Campanella, “Complex federated slices provisioning through SFA The FEDERICA and NOVI joint experience”, presented at the TERENA conference 2013. Maastricht, Holland, Available online:
  • A. Gavras, A. Bak, G. Biczók, P. Gajowniczek, A. Gulyás, H. Hrasnica, P. Martinez-Julia, F. Németh, C. Papagianni, S. Papavassiliou, M. Pilarski, A. Skarmeta: ”Heterogeneous testbeds, tools and experiments - Measurement requirements perspective” In Proc. of the EULER Workshop on Measurement and Measurement Tools in FIA Aalborg, 2012, Aalborg, Denmark, pp. 139-158.
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  • Lioudakis, G., Papagianni, C., Kaklamani, D., Venieris, I. S., "An Intelligent Traffic Management System for the Eco-Optimization of Urban Traffic", To appear in the Proceedings of ICC'10 Workshop E2Nets.
  • E. Onur, E. Sfakianakis, C. Papagianni, G. Karagiannis, T. Kontos, I. Niemegeers, I.P. Chochliouros, S. Heemstra de Groot, P. Sjodin, M. Hidell, T. Cinkler, M. Maliosz, D. I. Kaklamani, J. Carapinha, M. Belesioti, E. Fytros, Intelligent end-to-end resource virtualization using Service Oriented Architecture, accepted to be published in: Proceedings of the 3nd IEEE Workshop on Enabling the Future Service-Oriented Internet, IEEE GLOBECOM 2009.
  • Papagianni, C.A, Papas, Nefkaditis, N., Venieris, I. S., Ԑarticle Swarm Optimization for the Multi Level Capacitated Minimum Spanning TreeԬ Proc. of International Multi-conference on Computer Science and Information Technology/ Workshop on Computational Optimization 2009, October 2009.
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Publications - University Textbooks

  • Iakovos St. Venieris, "Broadband Networks" (2nd Edition), Tziolas Publications, (ISBN: 960-418-103-3), 2006. participation in new edition
  • Iakovos St. Venieris, Eugenia Nikolouzou, "Internet Technologies" (2nd Edition), Tziolas Publications, (ISBN: 960-418-104-1), 2006. (participation in new edition)