People of Sheavyn


Becky, Sheavyn House, 13 Feb 2000

Becky is one of the legends of the good old days of Flat R, when there were five women here. As is obvious from the photograph, she was drinking tea all the time. She left us a month ago and now this place is empty.


Yiannis playing with Dia, Sheavyn House, 2 Mar 2000

Yiannis is a living legend of Flat S, but here he is in the kitchen of Flat R, in the most famous photograph ever taken in Sheavyn House. It is Tsikno-Thursday, 2 March 2000, and here he and Dia are playing by throwing tzatziki to each other. In the picture the main quantity of tzatziki has fallen upon Yiannis, but as you can see his blood-stained eyes are longing for revenge.

More information and pictures about Yiannis are available in his web page.


Katerina, Sheavyn House, 14 Feb 2000

This photograph is a reminder of the good old times when Katerina's contact lenses hadn't broken yet. Now she is wearing her glasses all the time, but it is generally believed that she is equally charming both ways.


Armine, Sheavyn House, 2 Mar 2000

Armine (i as in fit, e as in pet, accent in e) is definitely the greatest gomena here. She is also the best piano teacher.


Anthony in his room, Sheavyn House, 20 Feb 2000

I am the pan specialist of the flat. I should also add that Anthony is my false name; my real one is Replicas.

Costas Replicas.


Evi, Sheavyn House, 2 Mar 2000

Evi is the loveliest aquaintance, provided she is in good mood (which is rarely the case). Her great strengths are fried potatoes and chicken soup. No-one really knows what we would do without her.


Dia, Sheavyn House, 2 Mar 2000

Dia is the most celebrated figure of Sheavyn House. This photograph is the result of Yiannis' tzatziki revenge.

Nectarios and Vikash

Nectarios and Vikash, Sheavyn House, 2 Mar 2000

Nectarios (left) is the spicy little something of Flat R. Vikash (right) is notorious for convincing people install Windows 2000.

Also featuring in this picture is the big tzatziki container on the right.


United Colours of Sheavyn House, 2 Mar 2000

Our specialist in the psychology of women.


Louise, Sheavyn House, 5 Mar 2000

Back from one of her many trips, Louise, in this photograph, is in the middle of a search for her keys. Louise and Adam (we don't have a picture of him yet) are going to leave this place in early April. Sheavyn House gradually loses its glory.


Dimitra, Sheavyn House, 2 Mar 2000

Dimitra is the oven specialist of the flat. Admire her here, where she prepares to impress everyone in the party to follow.


Angelique, Sheavyn House, 2 Jun 2000

Angelique is under construction.


More Shevynians will be added later, when we take pictures of them.

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Last modified 3 June 2000