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Antonia Moropoulou was born in Rhodes in 1952. She is a Chemical Engineer, Dr., and Professor at the National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering, Section of Materials Science and Engineering.

Antonia Moropoulou is currently the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). She is a Chemical Engineer, Dr., and Professor at the National Technical University of Athens, School of Chemical Engineering, Section of Materials Science and Engineering. She has been a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Antwerp (UIA), Rome (Univ. Sapienza), Venice (UIAV) and Princeton (PU). She is the Studies' Director of the NTUA Inter-Departmental Graduate Program for the "Protection of Monuments" - Direction "Materials and Conservation Interventions" and is the Head of Laboratory of Materials Science and Engineering in the NTUA School of Chemical Engineering.

Prof. A. Moropoulou is the coordinator of the Inter-Departmental Laboratory (participating laboratories from the NTUA Schools of Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Applied Mathematical and Physical Science) for the "Quality control, durability and reliability of structural and building materials and works under environmental impact".

As a scientific coordinator, Prof. A. Moropoulou has managed more than 58 National, 4 International and 12 European research programs, with an approximate total funding of over € 3.7 million in current prices. She is the Coordinator of the Advanced Study Course "Innovative Technologies and Materials for the Conservation of Monuments" funded by the European Commission Research DG – 5th FP Energy, Environment.

She is the author of more than 90 papers published in International Scientific Journals, 82 papers in books and book chapters, 130 papers in Proceedings of International and 60 National Conferences (in full length) and has participated in more than 160 International Conferences, in 70 of which as invited key-note speaker. She is the editor of 13 Books and Conference Proceedings, and has been member of Scientific Boards of numerous International Journals and member of Scientific Committees for the organisation of numerous International Conferences.

She has performed more than 100 applied technical studies with major applications on important Greek and Mediterranean monuments of the European architectural and cultural heritage (e.g. Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Monasteries of Mount Athos, and Creta, the Venetian Fortresses of Rhodes, Rethymnon and Herakleion, Corfu, architectural monuments of Venice, Magna Grecia, the Temple of Eleusis, the Temple of Luxor in Egypt, and others).

Her international scientific activities include participation as Scientific Advisor, and Expert in Committees and Boards of International Organisations (OECD, UNESCO, INSULA, EU, ICOMOS, EIT, CE-PACT, UN, EPA, TMS, et al.) in issues of technological innovations, sustainable development, local employment, protection of the Environment, as well as the Architectural and Cultural Heritage. She is also a member of the Experts Committee of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Greek-Turkish Dialogue on issues of Education and Culture; as well as an expert of the External Advisory Group on "City of Tomorrow and Cultural Heritage" of the European Commission at the DG XII. She has also been National Representative in the Horizontal Configuration of the Programme Committee of the FP6 Specific Programme "Integrating and Strengthening the European Research Area".

As representative of the Technical Chamber of Greece, she is the President of the Coordinating Committee of the Hellenic Construction Technology Platform, with emphasis in sustainable construction and cultural heritage protection. This is a national initiative within the European Construction Technology Platform. She is the member of the ECTP Focus Area Cultural Heritage and Coordinator of its Working Group Materials.

Her political functions include her position as advisor to the Prime Minister's Office, to the Ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs, as well as her election at the Municipal Council of Athens, charged with the Environmental Protection Program. She has served as the General Secretary of Administration Committee of the Technical Chamber of Greece (TCG); and has been an elected Member of the Delegation of the Technical Chamber of Greece continuously since 1997.


The main field of her scientific and technical work is the preservation and conservation of Cultural Heritage, including research studies and applications on diagnosis of weathering, on environmental impact assessment, on risk and monitoring assessment, on development and application of in situ non-destructive techniques and methods. The management of data is achieved by Geographic Information Systems and permits environmental assessment, planning of integrated environmental management, life-cycle management and maintenance management of monuments and buildings, sites and complexes. The development of materials and technologies for the built environment, focusing especially on composite materials, finds application on facing corrosion problems, seismic risks and the needs for built environment sustainability. Innovations are induced through the development of spatial integrated methodologies to evaluate simultaneously the data regarding materials, environment, buildings and urban complexes.


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