Karamanou Alexandra, Laboratory Teaching Staff


Phone: 2107722657

Office: University Campus of NTUA, Zografos, Lambadario building, 1st floor





She was born in Alexandroupolis. She is a Rural and Surveying Engineer (1998), and Dr. Eng (2009). She has worked at the NTUA as a doctoral candidate since 1999. For three years (2004-2007) she was in charge of the GPS department of Tree Company CO, sole representative for distribution of Topcon products in Greece. Since 2007 she is a research Associate and a member of the Geogesy Laboratory Teaching Staff in the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of NTUA. Her research interests focus on topics of Higher and Satellite Geodesy.



Current position

Laboratory Teaching Staff, School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, NTUA



Research interests

• Digital survey of road networks using geodetic sensors and evaluation of the horizontal and vertical labeling  of the roads
• Detection of crustal deformations using geodetic measurements







Geodesy I, mandatory course in the 2th semester

Geodesy II, mandatory course in the 3th semester

Geodesy IV, mandatory course in the 5th semester

Geodetic Astronomy, elective course in the 6th semester

• Collecting Spatial Data and Positioning, post-graduate course of “Geoinformatics”





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"Tide gauges and continuous GPS in Crete: On the way to Detecting Vertical Movements", P.Milas, A.Karamanou, D.Paradissis, K.Palamatchouk, Poster, IGS Workshop and Vertical Rates Symposium, Newcastle, June 28-July 2, 2010

"Mapping Rural Roads Using Satellite and Inertial Positioning", A.Karamanou, K.Papazissi, D.Paradissis, B.Psarianos, Honorary Volume in the memory of P.Vythoulkas, Professor of the National Technical University of Athens, 2010


"Precise Estimation of Road Horizontal and Vertical Geometric Features Using Mobile Mapping Techniques", A.Karamanou, K.Papazissi, D.Paradissis, B.Psarianos, Boletim de Ciencias Geodesicas, Vol.15, Issue 5, pg. 762-775, 2009

"A ten years analysis of deformation in the Corinthian Gulf via GPS and SAR interferometry", P.Briole, A.Avallone, E.Agatza-Balodimou, H.Billiris, O.Charade, H.Lyon-Caen, Ch.Mitsakaki, K.Papazissi, D.Paradissis, G.Veis, A.Karamanou, A.Marinou, Proceedings of the 11th General Assembly of the Wegener Project, Athens, June12-14, 2002

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"Certificate of Proficiency in English", University of Cambridge, 1996

"Certificat pratique de langue Française (1er degré)", Université de Paris – Sorbonne, 1991