Architecture and strategic planning of information systems, intelligent spatial systems and applications, decision support in multi-hazard crisis management, modeling of cascading effects and loss assessment, geo-information infrastructures, open data, interoperability, quality assurance, standards, temporal and spatial analytics, , migration and architecture of blockchain applications.


Distributed and heterogeneous geo-information systems, integrated simulation and combinatorial optimization in operational problems, inter-disciplinary approach of multi-hazards and cascading effects on systems and networks, optimization and multi-dimensional analytics in spatial and operational problems, , software engineering of blockchain applications, architecture of spatial blockchain applications.

Executive Vice President of Cartography and Geo-information, National Cadastre and Mapping Agency S.A., Greece. [08.2015 - 05.2017]
Visiting Professor (Erasmus), Software Engineering and Architecture Group, Faculty of Mathematics & Natural Sciences, University of Groningen, Netherlands [2015]
Visiting Professor, Institute of Cartography and Geo-information, Dept. of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering, ETH Zurich, Switzerland [2014]

Industry  Software Engineering, Information Systems, Geo-information engineering, Risk Assessment and Operational Planning, Higher Education.

Functional  Consulting, Research and Development, Strategy, Innovation, Administration

Thematic  Information Technology, Software Engineering, Distributed and Heterogeneous System Architectures, Spatial Information Systems, Web-GIS, VGI, Environmental simulation, Environmental risk and loss assessment, Crisis management, Operational Logistics, Optimisation algorithms for spatial and operational problems, Wireless Sensor Networks, e-government, Spatial and Learning analytics.



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