Biographical note

George - Christopher Vosniakos

Professor of Manufacturing Systems

School of Mechanical Engineering

National Technical University of Athens




Languages Activities

born 29/10/1962 in Athens, Greece

married - one child


Higher Education


Professional experience

1984           Computer Programmer at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany    .

1990-1991 Freelance Information Systems Consultant, Manchester, UK.

1991-1993 Research Project Manager, straessle, Stuttgart, Germany.

1995-1997 Military service as researcher in the Logistics and the Technical Corps of the Greek Army.

1998-1999  Freelance Technical Consultant to Greek industrial firms.


Academic career

1988-1990 Research Assistant, UMIST, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Division. 

1993-1995 Lecturer grade B, UMIST, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Undergraduate and Post-graduate teaching : Manufacturing Systems,Manufacturing Technology,  Advanced Computing,  Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Engineering Design.  Teaching contribution to the Manchester IGDS 

1998-1999 Instructor at National Higher School for Technical Education (SELETE) Athens.

1999-2000 Seminar lecturer on Manufacturing Systems, CAD and CAM technology.

1999-2009 Assistant Professor, National Technical University of Athens, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Division.

2010-2014 Associate Professor, National Technical University of Athens, School of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Division.

2015-          Professor, National Technical University of Athens, School of Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Division.



Administration experience


2016-2018 Member of the Deanery of the School of Mechanical Engineering and Vice-Dean (2018-today)

2010-2018 Head of the Manufacturing Technology Section (odd years)

2001-2002 Member of the Senate of NTUA

2012-2014 Member of the Internal Assessment Team of the School of Mechanical Engineering

2002-2018 Member of the Innovation Committe of the School of Mechanical Engineering



Supervision experience


Completed: 99 undergraduate diploma Dissertations, 35 postgraduate diploma Dissertations, 6 PhD Theses διατριβές, 4 PhD co-supervised Theses

Under preparation: 11 undergraduate diploma Dissertations, 9 postgraduate diploma Dissertations, 5 PhD Theses, 1 PhD co-supervised Thesis

21 internships of greek students in greek companies, 9 internships of french students at NTUA



Foreign Languages

English (Cambridge Proficiency, 1983)
German (Kleines Deutsches Sprachdiplom, 1986)

French (Sorbonne II, 1977)


Research / innovation activities

Scientific coordinator  in 14 projects at straessle,  UMIST and NTUA.
Principal investigator or researcher in 10 national projects at NTUA.
Scientific coordinator in 10 innovation / consultancy projects at NTUA.

Author of 88 Journal articles, 69  papers in International Conferences fully refereed, 13 papers in Conferences extended-abstract refereed, 6 book chapters, 90 technical reports and other minor publications on  Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Technology.

1564 citations (excl. all author self citations), h-index=15 (Scopus)
2736 citations, h-index=22, i-10 index=41 (Google Scholar)
Citations in google scholar


Scientific activities

Member of the Editorial Board of
International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (Springer).
Smart Science (Taylor and Francis)
International Journal of Machining and Machinability of Materials (Inderscience).
International Journal of Mechatronics and Manufacturing Systems (Inderscience)
Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing (MDPI)
Advances in Robotics Research (Technopress)

Regular reviewer of articles in the journals: "Robotics and CIM",  "Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence", "International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education", "International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology", "Computer-Aided Design", "International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education", "International Journal of Materials and Product Technology". Has also assessed articles in: Computers in Industry, International Journal of Production Research, ASME Journal of Dynamic Systems, Measurement and Control, ΙΕΕΕ Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering , International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Applied Surface Science, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers – Journal of Engineering Manufacture. Reviewer of articles in various Conferences..

Assessor of research proposals for CEC H2020 - ICT Robotics, GSRT, Ministry of Education, National Scholarship Foundation, Research Promotion Foundation of Cyprus and National Research Foundations of Esthonia and Kazahkstan.

Member of the Organising Committee and Session Chairman of the 1995 MATADOR Conference, Manchester, UK. Session Chairman in 31st MATADOR Conference,Manchester,UK,1995, FAIM2002, Dresden 2002, 6th SMESME 2003 Conference, Athens 2003, ICPR-18, Salerno 2005. Member of the organising committee of  31st MATADOR Conference, Manchester, UK, 1995. Co-chairman of 9th ICPM Conference, Athens, 2017. Session chairman in : 31st MATADOR Conference,Manchester,1995, FAIM2002, Dresden, 2002, 6th SMESME Conference, Athens 2003, 5th TMCE, Lausanne, 2004 (proposed), 18th ICPR Salerno, 2005, 12th UMTIK, Kusadasi, 2006 (proposed), 17th DAAAM, Vienna, 2006. Member of the Technical Committee of the Pan-hellenic Conference on Metallic Materials, (2nd onwards), FAIM2017, Modena.

Registered Developer of Autodesk (1993-1995).