1. Personal Data

Name - Surname: Viktor N. Kytopoulos

Birthdate: 17/4/1952, Bucharest, Romania

Marital Status: Married (with one child)

Foreign Languages: German, Romanian, Russian, English

2. University Diplomas

1976: Diploma of Physicist from University of Leipzig (Very Good).

1991: PhD, Engineering Science Dept. National Technical University of Athens.

3. Occupation

1971-1976: Physics studies at the Universite of Leipzig.

1976-1978: Assistant at the Physics Dept. of University of Leipzig. Research on the study of the structure of solid polymers through the methods Brood Line NMR and DSC-DTA.

1978-1980: Assistant Researcher at the Petrochemical Plant Leuna of the city Merserburg at the former East Germany in the field Work corrosion of the cracked polethylene.

1982-2010: N.T.U. Athens, Engineering Science Dept. Section of Mechanics. Research in the field Study of the fracture behavior of various materials by the aid of Scanning Electron Miscroscopy.

1985-1990: PhD thesis in the field of elastoplastic behavior in fracture of polycarbonate and other materials.

1991: Granting of the title of Doctor.

4. Research interest fields

  1. Application of known methods of fractography, opt plasticity (visual plasticity), micro-Moire, coating by sublimation in the study of micromechanical/micro fractural behavior of materials such as internal mechanical damage of the micro plastic zones and micro phenomena of crack propagation.

  1. Consideration and evaluation of phenomena of the natural solid state for the development and application of new methods and techniques of fractography, opt plasticity, micro-Moire, coating by sublimation in the above mentioned study such as ferromagnetic sites Weiss, X-rays, channeling diffraction of electrons, Schottky hedge contact and thermal retraction.

  1. Study of the Damage through liquid diffusion (mass transfer).

  1. Viscoelastic behavior of the materials.

  1. Characterization of the mechanical behavior of polymers and composites through their cutting energy.

5. Professional Activity

1982-1992: Assistant in the Mechanics Section of Engineering Science Dept. of the N.T.U. Athens.

1992-2003: Lecturer at N.T.U. Athens.

2003-2010: Assistant Professor at N.T.U. Athens.

6. Teaching Experience

1982-1985: Teaching of the laboratory exercises of the course Experimental Strength of Materials at various Departments of N.T.U. Athens.

1985-1991: Exercises of Experimental Strength of Materials and Teaching of tutorials of Statics, Kinematics, Dynamics and Mechanics of Materials at various Departments of N.T.U. Athens.

1992-2010: Teaching of courses of Statics, Kinematics, Dynamics and Mechanics of Materials at various Departments of N.T.U. Athens.

7. Publications

7.1. Publication in International Journals

7.2. Publications in Proceedings of International Symposiums

7.3. Scientific Communications in International workshops

8. Supervision of theses

8.1. Supervision of graduate dissertations

1993-2010: He supervised more than 20 graduate dissertations in the field of Electron Microscopy, Fracture Mechanics and Composites at the N.T.U. Athens.

8.2. Supervision of PhD theses

He is supervisor or co-supervisor of 5 PhD theses in the field of Electron Microscopy, Fracture Mechanics and Composites.

9. Scientific Organisations

Member of the following:

a) Hellenic Society of Polymers.

b) Hellenic Society of Nondestructive Testing.

10. Research Programmes

1995-1997: Applications of the optical Know-How in Optic Crystals and Scientific Instruments.

Research Program: N.T.U. Athens, Engineering Science Dept., Section of Physics.

1996-1997: Development of Optical Filters for telescopes and mirrors for the investigation of fluor radiation of high energies from space.

Research Program AUGER: Collaboration with Section of Physics, N.T.U.Athens Engineering Science Dept.