C. V. of Ch. Tsitouras
Born in Athens on 30/09/1962

B. Sc.Mathematics1985Athens University
M. Sc.Computer Sciense & Operations Research1987Athens University
Ph. D.Mathematics (Numerical Analysis)1990NTUA

Military service 1991-1992
Hellenic Air Forse Academy 1992-1995
TEI of Peiraeus 1993-1996
TEI of Athens 1996-2001
NTUA, Asst. Prof. 1999-2002
TEI of Chalkis, Dept. of Applied Sciences, 2002-2013
TEI of Sterea Hellas, Dept. of Automation, 2013-

One daughter since 13/12/1996.
Another two daughters since 13/12/2002! All together with my wife Marina.
First son was born in 11/6/2012

Current Possition : Professor, TEI of Sterea Hellas.
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