Efstathios E. Theotokoglou


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    Head of the Department of Mechanics: National Technical University of Athens, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Greece, 2015-

    Visiting  Professor: SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture, Trondheim, Norway, 2014.

    Professor National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 2008-present

    DirectorThe Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Specialization Programme “Applied Mechanics”, School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Technical University of Athens, 2008-present

    Visiting Associate Professor Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana –Champain, USA, 2003

    Visiting Associate Professor Department of Ship Science, University of Southampton, United Kingdom, 1999

    Associate Professor National Technical University of Athens, Greece 1999-2008

    Visiting Assistant Professor Department of Mechanical Engineering, Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida, USA, 1994

    Assistant Professor National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1992-1999

    Postdoctoral Fellowship Department of Marine Structures, the Norwegian Institute of Technology, the Marine Technology Centre, Trondheim, Norway, 1989-1991

    Lecturer National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1988-1992

    Research and Teaching Associate National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1985-1989

    Research Scholar National Technical University of Athens, Greece, 1979-1982



Lecturer: He taught the courses Finite Element Method; Computational Fracture Mechanics; Boundary Element Method; Theory of Plates and Shells, Mechanics of coupled fields (graduate courses),  
and also the courses Static; Dynamics; Mechanics of Solids; Elasticity; Strength of Materials; Finite Element Method, Mechanics of coupled fields  (undergraduate courses) in the Schools of Civil, Mechanical, Naval and of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences of  National Technical University of Athens, Greece.
Lecturer: He taught the course Fracture Mechanics (graduate course) in Florida Atlantic University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, USA in 1994.


    Research Interests:

    The research, at its main part, belongs in the area of Computational Mechanics, covering a wide spectrum of it (Finite Element Method, Integral Equations, Boundary Element Method and Integral Transformations) and in Analytical Methods in Mechanics (Linear and non-linear mechanics, linear and non-linear elasticity) . The boundary value problems which are confronted, concern elasticity problems, fracture mechanics problems, as well as coupled fields, composite materials, structure repair, wear and fatigue of materials.

     Finally, another field of activities regards matters of education, with an emphasis in writing books in the topics of Mechanics of Material Finite Elements, Composite Materials and Constructions, Computational Fracture Mechanics, Boundary Element Method, Damage Tolerance Design.

    Research Areas:

    Integral Equations for Solving Boundary Value Problems

Construction singular and hyper-singular integral equations for the solution of general or specific problems (half-plane, strip, circle with cracks, holes or notches) elasticity, graded materials, wear and fatigue.

    Analytical Solution for Boundary Value Problems

The wedge problem, graded materials, Coupled fields Optimization of structures, bi-orthogonallity conditions.

    Boundary Element Method. Numerical Methods for Singular or Hyper-Singular Integrals and Integral Equation.

Numerical methods of integration, convergence of integration methods, numerical solution of integral and integral-differential equations, Convergence of numerical methods for solving integral equations.

    Finite Element Method

            Special elements, mesh optimization, Combination of finite elements and

            integral equations, Special finite elements for composite materials.

    Analytical Methods in Mechanics

    Linear and Nonlinear Mechanics, Linear and Nonlinear Elasticity, Rigid

    Perfect Plasticity, Advanced Strength of Materials, Mechanics of Materials.

    Composite Materials, Repairs.

T-joints in marine structures, Fracture of composite and advanced materials, Delamination-crack propagation in composite and sandwich structures, SIF raisers, Composite patch repair.

    Wear and Fatigue
Numerical Models for Fatigue and Wear

    Educational topics

Handbooks in the field of Finite Elements, Mechanics of Materials, Composite materials and structures, Computational fracture mechanics, Damage Tolerance Design, Boundary Elements, Plates and Shells.

    Research Experience

    Supervisor in 10 undergraduate theses

   Supervisor in 15 postgraduate theses

    Supervisor in 3 qualified Ph.D. theses


Total number of publications: 127

            A) In International Journals with system of peer review: 62

           B) In Conference proceeding with system of peer review: 65


    Teaching Books: 4

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