Name: Sofia
Family Name: SOILE
Position: Researcher at Laboratory of Photogrammetry of NTUA


Sofia SOILE obtained a diploma in Rural and Surveying Engineering (1995) Master of Science (MSc.) in Geoinformatics (2013) from the NTUA. She is a member EDIP of the Lab. of Photogrammetry of the SRSE of NTUA. She participates in undergraduate and postgraduate courses, attending exercises and diploma theses. She has a broad professional activity in the fields of Photogrammetry, and Computer Vision and she has worked as a Researcher in more than 55 Research Programs (European, GSRT, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Archaeological Society of Athens etc.), aiming at the Photogrammetric Data Acquisition and Processing, 3D scanning via Laser Scanners, White Light Scanners, Handheld Scanners, 3D Modeling of Sites, Industrial Applications, Spaces and Complexes Objects, 3D applications for monument restoration, CAD modeling, 3D Inspection, Structure Monitoring, Deformation Analysis, Processing and Modeling of Point-Cloud Data, BIM Modeling, Computer Vision Techniques in Monuments, Multidimensional (5D) Spatial Systems Information etc. She is co-author in more than 60 scientific papers in the fields of photogrammetry and compute vision, that have been published in peer-reviewed International Scientific Journals and Conference Proceedings. She is a member of the interdisciplinary team of NTUA, who studied and carried out the interventions for the rehabilitation of the Holy Tomb of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. Also, she is secondment from NTUA to RISA of the TERPSIHORE EU Horizon 2020 project.


Photogrammetry (aerial, close-range), 3D Scanning, Computer Vision Techniques in Monuments, 3D Modeling, CAD Design, Surveying, 3D City Modeling, 3D Visualization, 3D GIS, MultiDimensional (5D) Spatial Systems Information, Research, Training, Reporting, Leadership, Soft Skills.