Arabatzi Orthodoxia, Assistant Professor


Phone: 2107722740

Office: University Campus of NTUA, Zografos, Lambadario building, 2nd floor, 217




She was born in Athens. He graduated from the A Arsakeion high school of Athens in 1975. She is a Rural and Surveying Engineer (1981), and Dr. Eng (2007). Since 1981 she worked at the NTUA as scientific collaborator . In 2008 she was elected as Lecturer with scientific activity in the subject of General Geodesy. In 2009 he was elected as Assistant Professor, in 2014 he was elected as Associate Professor and in 2014 she was elected as Assistant Professor in the subject of Geodesy - Surveying in the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of NTUA. Her research interests focus on topics of Applied Geodesy, Adjustments and Geodetic Metrology.



Current position

Assistant Professor, Department of Topography



Research interests

Determination of vertical position in Engineering projects
Theory of Errors and Adjustments
Observation analysis of geodetic networks
Determination of horizontal and vertical movements
Check and calibration of geodetic instruments (Geodetic Metrology)
Development of methodologies for precise measurements






Geodesy II, mandatory course in the 3th semester (School of Rural an Surveying Engineering)

Geodesy III , mandatory course in the 4th semester (School of Rural an Surveying Engineering)

Theory of Errors and Adjustments I, mandatory course in the 5th semester (School of Rural an Surveying Engineering)

Theory of Errors and Adjustments II, elective course in the 6th semester (School of Rural an Surveying Engineering)
Field Course in Geodesy II, Summer Elective course after the 6th semester(School of Rural an Surveying Engineering)

Metrology, Elective course in the 9th semester (School of Rural an Surveying Engineering)

Geodetic Applications, Elective course in the 4th semester (School of Civil Engineering)



Selected papers

V. Pagounis, O. Arabatzi, M. Tsakiri, D. Tsini: Geodetic technology for cultural heritage recording The case study of KLEPSYDRA at the Acropolis of Athens. 8th International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin , Patras, 31.05 02.06 2010


M. Tsakiri, O. Arabatzi, , V. Pagounis,, D. Stathas, V Andritsanos: Calibration of terrestrial laser scanners in the context of international standards ISO. 4th National Conference of Metrology, NTUA Zografou Campus, Athens, 3-4 / 02 / 2012. [in Greek]



M. Tsakiri, V, Pagounis, O. Arabatzi: Evaluation of a pulsed terrestrial laser scanner based on ISO standards / Surface Topography: Metrology and Properties, vol. 3, Published: 13 February 2015

E. Vouklari, D. Papanikolaou, V. Pagounis, V. Zacharis, M. Tsakiri, O.Arabatzi: Caves as Cultural Heritage:3D Documentation of Dikteon Cave in Crete. 10th International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin, 20 22 September 2017, Greece, NTUA


V. D. Andritsanos, O. Arabatzi, M. Gianniou, V. Pagounis, I. N. Tziavos, G. S. Vergos, E. Zacharis: Comparison of various GPS processing solutions toward an efficient validation of the Hellenic Vertical Network: The ELEVATION Project / American Society of Civil Engineers / Journal of Surveying Engineers, Published: 16 December 2015

V. Andritsanos, O. Arabatzi, V. Pagounis, M. Tsakiri : Quality Control of Height Benchmarks in Attica,Greece, Combining GOCE/GRACE satellite Data,Global Geopotential Models and Detailed Terrain Information, IAG Symposia Series, 1st Joint Commission 2 and IGFS Meeting International Symposium on Gravity, Geoid and Height Systems 2016, September 19-23, 2016, Thessaloniki, Greece


O. Arabatzi, G. Piniotis, sakiri, . Kouvas: Determinations of the distances of the SRSE-NTUA control baseline using LASER TRACKER. 7th National Conference of Metrology, National Museum of War, Athens, 11-12 / 05 / 2018. [in Greek]



. Arabatzi, G. Piniotis, . Souliotis: Laser Trackers and Laser Arm Edges: the revolution of our days in industrial metrological measuring systems of high accuracy / Routes of Measurements, Volume dedicated to the memory of Evagelia Lambrou, NTUA, SRSE, 2020 [in Greek]