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Panayotis G. Michaelides, ΝΤUA Associate Professor                          

Παναγιώτης Μιχαηλίδης, Αν. Καθηγητής ΕΜΠ 


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Panayotis G. Michaelides is an Associate Professor of Economics & Econometrics at the School of Applied Mathematics and Physics, National Technical University of Athens. Meanwhile, he has acted as Research Fellow at the London School of Economics (LSE), Systemic Risk Centre, where he was awarded a prestigeous individual Marie Curie Fellowship. Finally, he acts as Visiting Research Professor at the University of Klagenfurt, Austria.

According to IDEAS (2017), he ranks among the most downloaded (top 3%) and productive (top 5%) authors in the world, and has received the prestigious Highly Commended Paper, Award for Excellence by Emerald. Overall, he ranks among the best (top 10%) economists globally, over the last decade (IDEAS, 2017).

In total, he has authored appoximately 200 articles, published or forthcoming, in a number of top-ranked outlets or appearing in working paper series, lecture notes, international conferences or edited volumes. He has published numerous articles in Journals indexed in the ABS and CNRS lists, among which several 4* and 3* Journals (ABS list), and Categorie 1 and 2 Journals (CNRS list), respectively. Also, he has authored several articles in scholarly Journals with Impact Factor (IF) indexed in the Journal Citation Reports released by Thomson Reuters (ISI).

His published work also includes over 70 Conference Papers (e.g. University of Cambridge, Université de Paris-Sorbonne, IEEE), several Working Papers (e.g. European Regional Science Association), Lecture Notes (e.g. Springer) and Edited Volumes (e.g. Palgrave). In addition, he has been invited, several times, in the capacity as Panel Expert (e.g. CESifo, Munich) or Session Chair (e.g. Business Cycles, DIW, Berlin).

Dr. Michaelides enjoys collaborating with other researchers and his work is multidisciplinary in nature, building on Mathematics, Statistics and Physics in order to model the complexity of contemporary Economics.

Also, several of his articles are published in Journals indexed in the American Mathematical Society (AMS) Journal list.

He has mentored several young scientists, engineers and economists, who currently hold positions in academia and industry. Actually, he has some of the best students in the world (top 5%), according to IDEAS (2017).

His articles have appeared in Journals such as:

European Journal of Operational Research [ISI Impact Factor: 2.358], Cambridge Journal of Economics [ISI Impact Factor: 0.914], Annals of Tourism Research [5-year ISI Impact Factor: 3.882], Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control [ISI Impact Factor: 1.000], Journal of Financial Stability [ISI Impact Factor: 1.506], Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money [ISI Impact Factor: 1.237], Transportation Research: Part E [ISI Impact Factor: 2.525], Journal of Evolutionary Economics [ISI Impact Factor: 0.675], Open Economies Review [ISI Impact Factor: 0.321], Scottish Journal of Political Economy [ISI Impact Factor: 0.375], Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications [ISI Impact Factor: 1.732], Energy Policy [ISI Impact Factor: 2.696], Structural Change and Economic Dynamics [ISI Impact Factor: 0.829], Computational Economics [ISI Impact Factor: 0.691], Economic Systems Research [ISI Impact Factor: 2.4], Transport Policy [ISI Impact Factor 2.269], Economic Modelling [ISI Impact Factor: 0.736], Applied Economics [ISI Impact Factor: 0.518], Applied Economics Letters [ISI Impact Factor: 0.265], , European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research [ISI Impact Factor 1.023], Journal of Air Transport Management [ISI Impact Factor: 0.849], Journal of Public Transportation, Journal of Economics and Business, Journal of Economic Asymmetries, Journal of Technology Transfer [ISI Impact Factor: 1.181], East-West Journal of Economics and Business, Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies, American Journal of Economics and Sociology [ISI Impact Factor: 0.153], European Journal of the History of Economic Thought [ISI Impact Factor: 0.172], Review of Political Economy, History of Economics Review, International Journal of Social Economics, Forum for Social Economics, Journal of Philosophical Economics, Bulletin of Political Economy, Journal of Balkan and Near Eastern Studies [ISI Impact Factor: 0.188].

Dr. Michaelides has received the Best Reviewer Award by Emerald and has refereed numerous papers for numerous scholarly Journals, such as:

[1] American Journal of Economics and Sociology [ISI Impact Factor: 0.153], [2] Applied Economics [ISI Impact Factor: 0.613], [3] China Agricultural Economic Review [ISI Impact Factor: 0.898], [4] European Central Bank Working Papers Series, [5] European Journal of Operational Research [ISI Impact Factor: 2.358], [6] Economic Modelling [ISI Impact Factor: 0.827], [7] East – West Journal of Economics and Business, [8] Empirical Economics [ISI Impact Factor: 0.693], [9] Energy [ISI Impact Factor: 4.844], [10] International Journal of Production Economics [ISI Impact Factor: 1.998], [11] International Journal of Social Economics, [12] International Review of Economics and Finance [ISI Impact Factor: 1.704], [13] Journal of Common Market Studies [ISI Impact Factor: 1.855], [14] Journal of Banking and Finance [ISI Impact Factor: 1.299], [15] Journal of Chinese Economic and Foreign Trade Studies, [16] Journal of International Money and Finance [ISI Impact Factor: 2.117], [17] Journal of Technology Transfer [ISI Impact Factor: 1.181], [18] Journal of the History of Economic Thought, [19] North American Journal of Economics and Finance [ISI Impact Factor: 1.360], [20] Oeconomia, [21] Transportation Research: Part D [ISI Impact Factor: 1.937], [22] European Management Review [ISI Impact Factor: 1.75] [23] Eurasian Economic Review [ESCI Thompson Reuters] .

Finally, he has received several scholarships for academic excellence (e.g. National Technical University, State Scholarship Foundation, European Commission, etc), has attracted funding from various sources (Siemens, etc) and has participated in several competitively funded international Research Projects with a leading role, such as Principal Investigator (including two H-2020 research programmes, awarded one Individual Marie-Curie Fellowship, etc).

Dr. Michaelides holds a 5-year M.Eng Degree in Mechanical Engineering (NTUA), 3 MSc Degrees (MBA, MSc Economics, MSc Mathematics), 1 PhD, and 2 Post-Doctorate Degrees. He speaks English (Certificate of Proficiency in English, University of Cambridge), French (Certificat Pratique de Langue francaise, Universite de Paris, Sorbonne), German (Zerifikat Deutsch als Fremdsprache, Goethe Institut), and Greek (native speaker), and can be contacted at:


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