·         Hellenic Cartographic Society

·         Commission on Mountain Cartography, International Cartographic Association

·         Technical Chamber of Greece

·         Panhellenic Association of Rural and Surveying Engineers

·         Association of Civil Servants Engineers of Attica


·         Supervising of laboratorial exercises in undergraduate and postgraduate Cartography lessons of S.R.S.G.E.-N.T.U.A.

·         Researcher in projects of S.R.S.G.E.-N.T.U.A., related to Cartography, Geographic Information Systems and Satellite Geodesy.

·         Administrator of computer network and laboratorial equipment of Cartography Laboratory, S.R.S.G.E.-N.T.U.A.

Research areas

·         2D/3D Topographic Relief Representation

·         Dynamic Maps & Virtual Tours

·         Satellite Maps

·         Web Maps

Recent publications

·         Tzelepis N., Kaliakouda A., Krassanakis V., Misthos L.-M., Nakos B., "Evaluating the perceived visual complexity of multidirectional hill-shading", Geodesy and Cartography, 2020, 69 (2), pp. 161-172.

·         Krassanakis V., Tzelepis Ν., Nakos Β. "Designing an application for guided creation of effective internet maps", In honour of Professor Ioannis Paraschakis (Edited by Georgoula O., Papadopoulou M. Rossikopoulos D., Spatalas S., Fotiou A.), Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering A.U.TH., Thessaloniki: Ziti Publications, 2017, pp. 292-300 (in greek).

·         Lelli A., Tzelepis N., Nakos B. "A review of modern analytical techniques for optimizing relief shading". In honour of Professor Emeritus Christogiorgis Kaltsikis (Edited by Fotiou A., Paraschakis I., Rossikopoulos D.), Faculty of Rural and Surveying Engineering A.U.TH., Thessaloniki: Ziti Publications, 2016, pp. 211-24 (in greek).

·         Tzelepis N., Krassanakis B., Nakos B. "Exploiting Free Open Source Software (FOSS) for creating web maps for educational purposes". Proceedings of 13th National Cartographic Conference, Patra, October 2014 (in greek).

Full CV (PDF)

Contact info:
NTUA, Zographou Campus - 9, Heroon Polytechneiou, 15780 Athens
School of Rural, Surveying & GeoInformatics Engineering, A Building, 1st floor,
Tel. +30-210 7722772, e-mail: