Maria Tsakiri,  Professor


Tel. +30-2107722735  email

Office: Zografos Campus, Lambadario building, 2nd Floor  





Graduated from the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, NTUA (1992) and holds a PhD (1995) from the University of Nottingham UK. Between 1996-2000 she held academic positions as lecturer and assistant professor at the School of Spatial Sciences, Curtin University of Technology, Australia.  Since 2000 she is an academic staff at the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, NTUA in the area of Geodesy.



Current position

Professor,   Department of Topograpgy

DirectorDionysos Satellite Observatory SRSE



Research interests

• Satellite geodesy and applications (eg precise positioning and algorithms, networks, quality control, multi - GNSS, PPP, low cost receivers, altimetry)

• Modern mapping systems and quality control (eg laser scanning, SLAM, laser tracker, metrological control, etc.)

• New digital technologies in education









Geodesy Ι, 2nd semester,  Mandatory

Geodesy IV, 5th semester, Mandatory

Geodetic Exercises Ι, 4th semester,  Mandatory (summer field camp)

Specialised topics is satellite geodesy, 9th semester,  Elective

Applications of higher and satellite geodesy, 9th semester,  Elective

Geodesy and Topography in mine engineering , 8th semester,  Elective, School of Metal and Mine Engineering

Geodetic Exercises in higher and satellite geodesy, 8th semester,  Elective  (summer field camp)




Selective publications

(last 5 years)

Anastasiou D.,  Zacharis V.,  Pagounis V., Tsakiri M. (2021) An Interactive Virtual Environment for Teaching Total Station Surveying. Proc FIG Working Week 20-25 June, Netherlands

Flokos N, M.Tsakiri (2021) Improved SAR Altimetry Techniques in Coastal Island Areas. - EGU 2021, online, 19–30 Apr 2021, EGU21-8942,, 2021.

Nsubuga S, M Tsakiri, V Georgiannou (2020)  A smart decision tool for the prediction of tunnel crown displacements. Applied Geomatics, 1-15,

Flokos N, M.Tsakiri (2020) Observing Sea level changes using satellite altimetry and in situ data. EGU2020- D2763 -5817, 4-8 May, Vienna, Austria. (online)

Piniotis G, S. Soile, F. Bourexis, M. Tsakiri, C. Ioannidis (2020) Experimental assessment of 3D narrow space mapping technologies. Proc. XXIV ISPRS Congress, 14-20 June, Nice, France

Tsakiri M, A. Sioulis, G. Piniotis (2017) Compliance of low-cost, single-frequency GNSS receivers to standards consistent with ISO for control surveying. Int. J. Metrol. Qual. Eng. 8(11)

Sofos, J., V. Veskoukis, M. Tsakiri (2017) VGI in surveying engineering: introducing collaborative cloud land surveying. J of Spatial Information Science, 15: 35-64, doi:10.5311/JOSIS.2017.15.320.

Tsakiri M, A. Sioulis, G. Piniotis (2016) The use of low-cost, single-frequency GNSS receivers in mapping surveys. Survey Review  50(358):46-56, DOI: org/10.1080/ 00396265. 2016. 1222344.

Tsakiri Μ, V. Pagounis, O. Arabatzi (2015) Evaluation of a pulsed terrestrial laser scanner based on ISO standards. J Surface Topography: Metrology Properties (3)015006. doi:10.1088/2051-672X/3/1/015006