Secretary General for Concessions

S. Lambropoulos was appointed Secretary General for Concessions on January,22 2010 and resigned on April,10 2012.

The main responsibilities of the Secreteriat are:


·         Two concessions in operation (approx. 3 bil. euro): Attiki Odos (Attika Tollway) and the Rion Antirion Bridge.

·         Five Motorway concessions in progress (approx. 8.7 bil. euro): Olympia Odos, Ionia Odos, Central Greece Motorway, Aegean Motorway (MaliakosKlidi) and Moreas Motorway.

·         The re-tendering of the New International Airport at Kastelli, Crete.

·         The tendered concessions (approx. 900 million euro):

1.      ElefsinaThivaYliki Motorway.

2.      Lefkada submerged tunnel and mega-yachts marina.

3.      Salamina and bypasses of Perama and Salamina city.

·         The tendering of concessions (approx. 1 bil. euro):

1.      Completion of Imittos Western Peripheral Motorway (IWPM).

2.      Connection of Helliniko area to the new Athens International Airport and Attika Tollway.













        International Conference TRA 2012, April 23-26 2012

        Greek Motorway Concessions