Teaching activity

Undergraduate level

1.      Systems Dynamics and Oscillations: Bifurcation Theory (2009- present)

2.   Computer Programming with Αpplications in Engineering Science (2009-present)

3.   Analysis and Design of Control Systems  (2009-present)

4.      Technical Mechanics (2006-2008)

5.   Fluid Mechanics (2004-2007)

6.   Continuum Mechanics (2005-2006)

Graduate level

1.      Computational Methods in Nonlinear Dynamics (2004-present)

2.      Mathematical Methods in Mechanics: Numerical Solution of PDEs (2005-present) 

     (from 2005-2010 joined with Prof. Dimosthenis Bardzokas)

3.  Mechanics of Coupled Fields (joined with Prof. Dimosthenis Bardzokas) (2006-2010)

Books (in Greek)

The following books are given as textbooks at the undergraduate level in NTUA.

3. Constantinos Siettos, Systems Dynamics and Oscillations,  National Technical University of Athens, 2009.

2. Constantinos Siettos, Computer Programming with applications in Engineering Science, National Technical University of Athens, 2009.

1. George Bafas and Constantinos Siettos, Nonlinear Systems and Fuzzy Logic Control Systems, National Technical University of Athens, 2005.

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