Research Funding

Over the last five years, Prof. Siettos has been the PI or co-PI of more than five research projects in the fields of complex systems modeling and analysis. The research programs were mainly funded by the European Social Fund, the Hellenic General Secretariat for Research and Technology and the N.T.U.A.

1. Computer Simulation, Numerical Bifurcation Analysis and Control of Neuronal Dynamics on Complex Networks: A Timestepper-based approach for the Study of Neurological Disorders, (2010 - 2014), Basic Research Program “Heraclitus” funded by the European Social Fund and National Resources, (PI).

2. Coarse-grained Computational Analysis of Infectious Disease Dynamics: from Individual Interactions to Population-level Spreading, (2007 - 2009), Basic Research Program "Constantin Carathéodory” awarded  by the N.T.U.A.,  (PI).

3. Development of Computational Time-stepping Methodologies to Study the Dynamics of Neurological Disorders from EEG and Deep Brain Stimulation Digital-Signals,  (2008 - 2010), Basic Research Program awarded  by the N.T.U.A., (Co-PI).

4. Coarse-grained Computational Analysis of Complex Problems in Materials Science: Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystals and Thin Films, (2005 - 2007), Basic Research Program “Pythagoras II” funded by the European Social Fund and National Resources, (PI).

5. Development and Optimization of Parallel Algorithms in Beowulf Clusters for Complex Large-Scale Problems, (2005 - 2008), Operational Research Program “PENED” funded by the Hellenic General Secretariat for  R&T, (Co-PI).

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