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Organization of International Conferences

Editor of Journals

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Member of the International Program Committee of International Peer-Reviewed Conferences

Organization of Symposia and Sessions in International Conferences

Reviewer of Journals
- AIChE Journal,
- Applied Mathematics & Computation,
- Applied Mathematical Modelling,
- Applied Numerical Mathematics,
- ASME Journal of Applied Mechanics,
- Chaos,
- Cogent Mathematics,
- Cognitive Neurodynamics,
- Combustion Theory and Modelling,
-Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine,
Ecological Informatics,
Environmental Modelling and Software,
- European Journal of Control,
- Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience,
- Frontiers in Human Neuroscience,
- Fuzzy Sets and Systems,
- IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics,
- Journal of Biological Dynamics,
- Journal of Engineering Mathematics,
- Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics,
- Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research,
- Infectious Diseases of Poverty,
- Information Sciences
- International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos,

- International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering,
- International Journal of Control,
- International Journal of Dynamics and Control,
- International Journal of  Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems,
- International Journal of  Systems Science,
- Mathematical Reviews,
- Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience,
Nature Communications,
- Netnomics,
- Neurocomputing,
- Nonlinear Dynamics,
- Physica A: Statistical Mechnanics and its Applications,
- PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseaces,
- PLoS One,
- Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulations,
- Transactions on Biomedical Engineering,
- Vaccine,