Centre for Construction Innovation - Director Dr. J.P. Pantouvakis


The Centre for Construction Innovation has been established  to facilitate multidisciplinary collaboration in project management and construction. There are cases where, for example, the Engineer - Supervisor is unable to address the practical problems and needs of the production operators / technicians and/or of the job in hand. Even when the Engineer gains construction experience, he tends to address problems on a trial and error basis rather than searching for a rigorous solution. Sometimes noteworthy results can be obtained in this way, however, today's global economy necessitates the search for the most effective way of doing things. This, in turn, can only be achieved when multidisciplinary teams address the issues based upon a sound theoretical background.

The approach has been followed in various countries where Industry - Academic initiatives have been formed in various ways and with noticeable results. And this was the motivation behind the establishment of the Centre for Construction Innovation at the National Technical University of Athens in 2006.

Today, we have procured the appropriate equipment (mainly computers, peripherals, joysticks, simulators and software) and we have been ISO 9001:2008 certified for our services [Design and provision of consulting support services in construction projects (project management / construction management), design, preparation, submission and realization of co-funded projects, certification of professional competence of persons in project management]. Several Ph.D. students-researchers are also working in the Centre.

The Centre for Construction Innovation specializes in:

  • Construction productivity studies
  • IT based construction scheduling & monitoring (4D CAD, document control, GIS/GPS, automation and tele-operation of equipment)
  • Decision Support Systems, Management Information Systems and Coding / Classification Systems,
  • Construction Simulation
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Business Plans
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research (esp. Analysis of foreign construction markets).
  • Training on project management, construction management and related disciplines


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