Galanis Jordan, Technical Laboratory Stuff


Phone: 210772265

Office: University Campus of NTUA, Zografos, Lambadario building, 1nd floor, 123




He was born in Athens. He graduated from the 1st high school of Kifissia in 1985. He is a Rural and Surveying Engineer (1993). Since 1995 has worked at the NTUA. From 2013 is working as Technical and Laboratory stuff in Higher Geodesy Laboratory and Dionysos Satellite Observatory. His research interests focus on topics of Satellite Geodesy.



Current position

Technical Laboratory Stuff , Department of Topography



Research interests

Collection and processing of GNSS measurements
GNSS network analysis
Crystal deformation determination
Geoidal height determination using GNSS systems.









Technical and Topographic Graphic Designing

Satellite Geodesy

Satellite Geodesy and Guidance

Satellite Geodesy Special Courses

Field Course in Higher and Satellite Geodesy





Selected papers


1994 Geodetic studies of strain accumulation and release during the seismic cycle : Results from the gulfs of Korinthos and Argos. 1st Turkish Internatinal Symposium on Deformations, Instanbul, September 1994.

1999 Crystal motion and tide gauge position variation at the mediterranean sea from a combined GPS solution of the two SELF projects.EGS XXIV General Assembly, The Hague, The Netherlands, 22. April 1999.

1999                                        An Interdisciplinary Approach to Studying Seismic Hazard Throughout Greece.IUGG 99 Symposium G5, Birmigham, UK.


1999 Some aspects of Aegean continental dynamics inferred from a decade of GPS measurements and a century of triangulation.  IUGG99 abstracts, B, 78-78.

2001 Crustal strain in Greece and the Aegean from multiply repeated GPS measurements in the interval 1988-2000.  EOS Trans. AGU, 82(47), Fall Meeting supplement, abstract G41A-0209.

2002 Tectonic displacements along the Aegean and from the Alkyonides Islands to Parnitha amd Atalandi The Eleventh General Assembly of the Wegener, Athens, June 2002

2009 Deformation of the southern Aegean from continuous Global Positioning System measurementsILRS 2009 Fall Workshop, Metsovo, Greece, September, 14-19

2012 National Technical University of Athens : 50 years in Tectonics Geodesy 1st Tectonic Symposium , Athens, January 2012.