Gerassimos Spathis

Section of Mechanics
National Techical University of Athens

Date of Birth:    4/4/1949
Business Address:    5 Heroes of Polytechnion Av., Zografou Campus, Athens 15773, Greece, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Section of Mechanics.
Education:               1975, PhD, under the title: Renormalisation Group Fixed Points Near the Origin" University of Sussex, England 1972,  Diploma , Department of Physics, Athens University (8 5/11)

Professional Carreer:
Present Position:        2005- Professor , Section of Mechanics, NTUA.
Previous positions:    1980-1982: Researcher at the Laboratory for TESTING MATERIALS NTUA.
                                  1982-1985: Lecturer at the Section of Mechanics, NTUA.
                                  1985-1995, Assistant Professor, Section of Mechanics, NTUA.
                                  1995-2005, Associate Professor, Section of mechanics, NTUA

Research interests
Mechanics and Physics of polymers and polymeric composite materials, in terms of theoretical and experimental analysis. Study of a variety of polymeric systems, such as amorphous glassy polymers, semicrystalline, vulcanized elastomers, fiber and particulate polymer composites. Introduction of theoretical expressions which describe the elastic modulus of polymer composites. Constitutive description of vulcanized elastomers, (pure and reinforced with carbon black). Theoretical study of nonlinear viscoelasticity (stress relaxation, creep, monotonic loading).   Experimental and theoretical study of plastic behaviour (yield, strain softening, strain hardening, rate effect) of  amorphous glassy  polymers.
Experimental and theoretical description of polymeric composites (particulate, unidirectional fiber composites). Constitutive laws for strain hardening.
Theoretical description of the rate of plastic deformation of the polymeric structure. Free-volume distribution, statistical description and its relation to the onset of yielding in the polymeric structure.

Participation in Research Projects: Coordinator / partner in international and national projects.

Publications: about 50 journal papers, about 30 presentations in national and international conferences. Chapter in book

Science Citation Index: About 400 references.

Teaching Activities:
1980 - Now: Mechanics of Deformable Body, Linear Viscoelasticity, Introduction to Plasticity, Mechanics and Physics of Polymers and Polymeric Composites (undergraduate level),    Materials science, Nonlinear Viscoelasticity, Anelastic Behaviour of Materials (postgraduate level).

Administration activities:


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