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Nov. 26, 1990 cover The year is 1990.Margaret Thatcher & Michael Gorbachev are in power, comrade Yeltsin is portrayed as a pathetic drunkard by the Western media (not knowing yet how useful he would be soon, forcing them to reverse his image building), while President George Bush (Sr.) is preparing for the Gulf War against Saddam Hussein, his former ally against Iran (who just 3 years earlier was pardoned when he attacked the US Navy frigate 'Stark' killing 37 American sailors).
The Berlin Wall has fallen just a few months ago, and the European Community has 12 member countries, still not merged into the European Union that will appear 3 years later.
The Soviet Union is on the map as it has been for 45 years, and so is Yugoslavia and the rest of Europe, East & West.

In that context, the November 26, 1990 issue of Newsweek magazine presents a special report on the future of Europe as seen by its reporters (Pascal Privat and Michael Meyer, Scott Sullivan, Fred Coleman, Daniel Pedersen & Andrew Nagorski). The report includes the following two maps of Eastern Europe & Yugoslavia [please have patience while downloading...].

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This is a 1990 forecast !!!
Posted 02.07.01 The remarkable similarity to the present map of Europe & especially Yugoslavia, 11 years later, can be explained by one of the following:
  • The reporters had an impressive skill to foretell the future, perhaps using Tarot cards or other magic tricks.
  • The reporters have been very lucky in their wild guess or wishful thinking.
  • The reporters had very good connections to those that shape the New World Order today; thus they managed to obtain an outline of the goals set by those powerful circles, a plan that has been promoted with impressive persistence & efficiency during the subsequent decade.

The bloody 'chess game' in Yugoslavia during the '90s, with a clever series of obvious 'forced moves' leading to the demolition of an 80 years old federation that had been 'too independent', and the recent extradition of the defeated 'Black King', indicate that the third interpretation cannot be too far from the truth.

Or do you believe in magic?