Ioannis Antoniadis
Dynamics and Structures Laboratory (Director)
Mechanical Design and Automatic Control Section
School of Mechanical Engineering
National Technical University of Athens
9, Heroon Polytechniou Ave.
15780, Zografos Campus, Athens, Greece
+(30) 210-772-1524
+(30) 210-772-1525
+(30) 210-772-2332


      Undergraduate Semester Courses, School of Mechanical Engineering/NTUA

      MECHANISMS AND MACHINE DESIGN, 4th Semester (2012 - today)
      (Kinematic analysis and synthesis, displacement, velocity and acceleration diagrams, force analysis and balance, power transfer analysis, energy principles for the design of machines) 
      MACHINE DYNAMICS I, 5th Semester (1989 – today)
      (SDOF and MDOF systems, Modal Analysis, Frequency Response Functions, Modelling of Dynamic Systems via Energy Principles, Vibration isolation)
      MACHINE DYNAMICS II, 7th Semester (1992 – today)
      (Vibration signature analysis and diagnosis of mechanical system defects, with special emphasis to power transmission systems: bearings and gearboxes)
      INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATIONS, 8th Semester (2004 – today)
      (Electrical Installations and Automation)
      CONVEYORS AND LIFTING MACHINERY, 8th Semester (2010 – today)
      (Cranes and lifting equipment, pneumatic material transfer systems, conveyors)
      FLIGHT DYNAMICS AND CONTROL, 9th Semester (1995 – today)
      (Lateral and Longitudinal Aircraft Dynamics, Basic aircraft controllers)

      Post-graduate Semester Courses, NTUA

      NTUA interdisciplinary course (Interdisciplinary MASTERS) on “AUTOMATION SYSTEMS”
      INDUSTRIAL INSTALLATIONS, (1998 – today)
      (Diagnostic Maintenance and Total productive Maintenance of Industrial Installations)

      Student Thesis Supervision

      Supervisor of the following PHD students:
      D. Economou (Awarded 2001)
       “Advanced methods for preconditioning the motion input command for flexible mechanical systems”
      N. Nikolaou (Awarded 2003)
      “Advanced methods for the dynamic signature analysis of mechanical engineering systems”
      C. Yiakopoulos (Awarded 2004)
      “Advanced methods for fault diagnosis of mechanical engineering systems based on dynamic measurements”
      G. Glossiotis (Awarded 2006)
       “Vibration suppression approaches during the transient states of dynamic systems”
      K. Gryllias (Awarded 2009)
      “Application of intelligent methods for fault diagnosis of mechanical equipment based on dynamic measurements”
      F. Papaspyridis (In progress)
      “Implementation of electroactive materials for the conditioning of the dynamic behavior of engineering structures”
      K. Rodopoulos (In progress)
      “Diagnostic procedures for engineering systems under unsteady operating conditions”
      C. Christodoulias (In progress)
      “Automated diagnostic procedures for fault diagnosis of engineering systems based on dynamic measurements”

      Participation in the advisory and examination boards of more than 47 PhD students

      Supervision of more than 85 Diploma (Master) Theses

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